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A Pro-Trans, Anti-Parent Conspiracy


Here is a good example of how the public schools can conspire against parents to help your adolescent child turn trans. Someone who is part of  a support group for parents of kids who are going through Rapid Onset Gender Disorder sent this to me. She writes:

It is horrifying and plays into every facet of gender ideology, as you will see when you open it. The statements basically grading parental "support levels" for gender ideology and the plan to keep information from parents is doubly horrifying.

I'm sure this stuff is being rolled out throughout on-line schooling. It underlines the importance of  Live Not By Lies. I hope you have time to blog about it. The left-wing atheists in my group are as upset about it as the rest of us (we have Orthodox Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholic parents in my group, as well as progressive Protestant lesbian moms)! All of us are equally horrified.

In  Live Not By Lies, I write about how one of the most important lessons I learned from my interviews with people who resisted Soviet totalitarianism is the absolute importance of community in small groups. It keeps up your courage and lets you know that you are not crazy, and you are not alone. Sounds like the parents in this group are living that reality.

Anyway, here is the form from the Montgomery County (Maryland) public schools. It is breathtaking that a public school would go to this length not only to facilitate a gender transformation in a child, but also to systematically deceive parents about what's happening:

You might remember that a couple of weeks back, I wrote about a teacher-activist in Philadelphia who tweeted about  how teachers need to figure out how to use online schooling to continue to "destabilize" within students the model of the world that their parents might have given them. Parents absolutely cannot take for granted that schools are on their side.  Here, from the ROGD support group, are stories by parents whose kids have been stolen by this insane ideology.I can tell you from personal conversations with moms and dads who are going through this, it usually hits you out of the blue. Your middle-schooler or high-schooler is cross-pressured intensely from online culture and peer culture to adopt a gender-transgressive identity. You almost always don't know what's happening until it has seized your kid's mind in an obsessive way. What's more, it's common to learn that you won't find any help anywhere, because many in the medical profession, the media, and among other parents consider you to be the enemy.

Does your county's school system have a plan like Montgomery County's? Does your kid's school, public or private? You need to know this. So does your school board.

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