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Irish Joe Biden’s Irish Sopranos

Declan Hayes

Biden's visit is just one further shameful act of degradation of a people who once stood for something infinitely nobler than Joe and Hunter Biden.

The ostensible reasons for POTUS Joe Biden, the Grim Reaper himself, to  visit his Irish colony in mid-April is, firstly to view the areas of Ireland that were unfortunate enough to spawn his ancestors and, secondly, to cash in on the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the deal that allegedly brought peace in our time to Ireland.

Because pretending to be Irish brings political dividends and lots of uninformed votes in America, it is not currently worth dwelling on. Vichy Ireland's Peace Process is a very different matter. This deal copper-fastened NATO rule in Ireland by allowing the gerrymandering of politics and the fruits of office flowing from it in the occupied north east to be divvied up between the Protestant Democratic Unionist Party and the Catholic Sinn Féin group, both of whose histories are mired in organised crime. It allowed the Southern and nominally independent Southern part to be fully subsumed within the American umbrella and, more importantly, it allowed its CIA and MI5 architects to  bestride the narrow world, falsely claiming they were peace-makers rather than war-makers. Far from being an exercise in bridge-building that Gandhi or the Buddha himself would be proud of, it is one of the CIA's most cynical moves of the last half century.

These latter points can be seen by how rabidly the Irish government and the toadyish Sinn Féin opposition support NATO's Ukrainian campaign and with Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin's nominal boss, demanding  Russia's entire diplomatic delegation be immediately expelled from the country over a war she and her drug dealing friends know absolutely nothing about. This is the same Sinn Féin nominal boss who was "profoundly shocked " that Jonathan Dowdall, her right-hand man, was also the right-hand man of top mobster Gerry Hutch, whose charge of murdering a top capo in the Kinahan organised crime cartel will be decided by a non jury Irish court at about the same time Biden's plane is fecking off back to America.

The main thing, the obvious thing to emerge from the Hutch and Dowdall trials is that the Irish secret service, together with their MI5 and CIA bosses, have all of Ireland's criminal and paramilitary groups totally infiltrated and that, far from being progressives, these drug dealers are, in effect, just an extension of the British and American armed forces. Because NATO has used the same human dregs to much the same purpose in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and a host of other countries, the Irish experience that Irish Joe Biden is now cashing in on is therefore worth a second glance.

Although the so-called Troubles kicked off in 1969, much like Syria and Ukraine, the British and Irish security services had already laid the groundwork for the mayhem that was to follow. Protestant gangland boss Gusty Spence has recalled how  British generals briefed him on what was required of his counter gang and Irish military intelligence recruited Joe Cahill and other dodgy IRA leaders to do their bidding.

Though Cahill had received the death penalty in 1942 for murdering a Belfast cop, the authorities instead hanged brave Tom Williams for it, whilst Cahill was allowed work unmolested in Harland & Wolff shipyards, whose workers had a history of murdering Catholics whenever the fancy took them. That a notorious Catholic cop killer could work there unmolested for decades defies common sense; the only explanation is that he was a protected species.

But then, as noted journalist  Kevin Myers points out, the Cahill and other families that were at the centre of the Belfast IRA also had a side hustle in raping children, a low-risk crime, given their omerta practices  they passed down through the generations.

Thus, when the Troubles erupted to scar entire generations of Irishmen and women, the British, Irish and American security services were ready. They would let chaos reign but then emerge with a peace process that suited their needs, rather than those of the combatants or the civilians unlucky enough to have endured hell.

As Ireland was at the centre of a major low intensity counter-insurgency operation from 1968 to 1998 and, as that campaign continues to this day, MI5 and the CIA had plenty of time to put their assets in place. John Joe McGee and Stakeknife, the bosses of the IRA's Internal Security Unit, were both MI5 agents. As was Denis Donaldson, a long time confidant of IRA martyr Bobby Sands and Sinn Féin boss Gerry Adams, whose IRA brother and IRA father were both notorious child sex abusers and who was himself implicated in some of the worst war crimes of the Troubles. As were so many others, the list is an almost endless geometric progression.

Although I have touched on Sinn Féin's flawed pedigree  here and  here, the main thing to take going forward is how M15 and their CIA bosses not only choose the ground on which they fight but fashion it to their needs. One key way to do this in Ireland was through the  supergrass trials where scores of IRA diehards would be remanded in custody for years on the word of a paid MI5 agent and their places within the IRA be filled by others on the MI5 payroll, who would rise through the IRA ranks over time.

This tactic was so successful that, at the time of the Good Friday Agreement, the IRA had been reduced to a single sniper in South Armagh and recalcitrants in nearby East Tyrone were dealt with by the simple shoot-to-kill expedient, of summarily executing them, in other words.

Following the Good Friday Agreement, the British Government allowed the IRA to do some  housekeeping, as British warlord Mo Mowlam euphemistically put it, to slaughter those opposed to their criminal shenanigans in plainer English. Although that housekeeping continues with Protestant and Catholic criminal gangs to this day, with more government-approved murders in South Armagh and savage beatings in East Tyrone, it has metamorphosed into the Irish wing of ANTIFA Inc, where women, children and others in the U.S. Democrats' cross hairs are as much fair game as they are anywhere else in America's evil empire. To see how this works elsewhere, one only has to see the criminal contribution of Ukraine's Nazi thugs to the post-Maidan "peace process", or the widespread slaughter of minorities and secular Sunnis by Syria's "moderate rebels".

Though Biden can don his leprechaun hat and claim himself to be as Irish as a crock of cow manure, the key thing to see is how the CIA, MI5 and Irish military intelligence have shifted the goal posts to such a degree that Biden is neither immediately lambasted nor run out of Dublin town for the senile creep that he is. As with Sir Keir Starmer's British Labour Party and the joke that is the Scottish National Party, the practical effect of all this is that whatever Western resistance might emerge to NATO's litany of war crimes, the Irish, with their joke of a Peace Process, won't even offer token resistance to Biden and NATO's other war devotees. Biden's visit is just one further shameful act of degradation of a people who once stood for something infinitely nobler than Joe and Hunter Biden and their crack cocaine fueled wars of conquest, expropriation and extermination.