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Kiev's Kristallnacht

Declan Hayes

Women at prayer being terrorised by devils in human form. Haven't we been here before?

Women at prayer being terrorised by devils in human form. Kiev Churches being sacked. Kiev priests being roughed up. Haven't we been here before?

November 1938. Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, an orgy of Nazi violence when even the most blinkered of Germany's Jews were left under no illusions regarding what awaited them. If they saw any of that, British and Irish tourists, who were still  pouring into Germany, sheepishly looked away. It wasn't their problem; they were there to drink, make merry and have a good time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Fast forward to Zelensky's rump Reich, where  the tourism sector is enjoying a bumper year as the Reich's fat cats, taking a break from snorting their nose candy, amuse themselves and their mistresses on Lviv's ski slopes. Dear Lviv, scene of countless Kristallnachts that helped lay the groundwork for today's outrages.

You have probably seen the videos of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev's Monastery of the Caves, where Orthodox Christians have worshipped for the last 1,000 years. It is as much a part of their fibre as Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre is to Palestine's Christians or Al Aqsa Mosque is to that country's Muslims. A place of prayer and pilgrimage, of quiet devotion and novenas to Our Lady of Vladimir, Our Lady of Kazan, the Holy Trinity of Rublev and, of course, Theotókos of Smolensk authored, it is said by St Luke the Evangelist but destroyed by Hitler's Nazis whose worst elements, it seems, have arisen from their graves to again haunt the Russians of Ukraine.

Have a look at these savages mocking  this brave woman, before whom even Joan of Arc would bow in reverence, praying in front of the Monastery of the Caves, whose priests have been beaten up and electronically tagged as if they were Untermenschen, animals. Look at the well-groomed young men and women scoffing at this living saint, who is old enough to be their mother. No close quarters with the Wagner Group for these pampered brats. No different from the scum who took their selfies as they  incinerated other saints in Odessa in 2014.

And not that different from the scum who blew up  Vladlen Tatarsky in St Petersburg or journalist  Darya Dugina in Moscow. What is interesting about those two murders is how the BBC and other NATO mouthpieces boast about it, as if, to use the parlance of the IRA, Tatarsky and Dugina were "legitimate targets" and if, by extension, that bravest and holiest of Kiev women was also one of NATO's legitimate targets.

 Here, for example, is RTÉ, Ireland's state-funded broadcaster, describing the main suspect in Tatarsky's murder (killing, as they euphemistically call it) as an "anti-war protester". In their mutilation of the English language, the BBC and its clones echo Kiev's knuckle-dragging online trolls and show themselves to be nothing more than Banderite thugs with privileged backgrounds, plum accents and the moral compasses of sewer rats. It is because of these NATO Lord Haw-Haws that we craved bloggers like Tatarsky, so we might have some idea of what is happening in Ukraine and why our own hotels are full of military-aged Ukrainian parasites, who want for nothing.

To compare these Ukrainian savages to Kristallnacht's Nazis is, in a sense, to do an injustice to the Nazis as not all Germans were then onboard with Banderite barbarities against Germany's Jews, who were in no position to defend themselves. Whatever about Berlin 1938, there can be no doubt about Kiev 2023, where the war crimes of Zelensky and his fellow criminals enjoy the widespread support of these crazed barbarians.

Now would be the appropriate time to quote First They Came from Nazi cheerleader Rev Martin Niemőller, who lamented the incremental purging of group after group by the Nazis, and that, when his turn to be purged came, there was no one left to oppose Hitler. But that is factually incorrect.

Although Tatarsky and Dugina are now silent, other brave souls are not. Following Kristallnacht, over 35 million men and women joined the Red Army, whose sacrifices put an end to bullying orgies like Kristallnacht. Today, Russia's General Gerasimov has a no-less impressive array of land, sea and air forces poised to do a Zhukov on Zelensky's rump Reich. If Pope Francis, in his infinite wisdom, still thinks that  Russia's Chechens and Buryats are the rump Reich's worst nightmares, he best think again as Zelensky's Kristallnacht against old women and older priests will have stirred the same passions in Gerasimov's troops that the Nazis and Napoleon's storm troopers did in Russian men and women of earlier times. Heaven help anyone who gets in their way.

These latest war crimes are, of course, only the latest chapter of this decade-old war, where  Ukraine's Nazis openly boast about how they take no prisoners. If they're happy enough to do these war crimes, then they must also be happy enough to do the time, to pay with their lives for their crimes. Much the same goes for the BBC, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and NATO's other Lord Haw-Haws, who cheer on these muck savages. As they have made their bed, they should be made lie face downwards on those beds and pay the appropriate penalty for their collusion in these ongoing crimes.

Ecclesiastes 31-8 tells us that "for everything there is a season... a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace". As Ukraine's muddy (and skiing) season is now coming to an end, the time for war has arrived. No matter whether it is Russia or NATO's Ukrainian proxies who launch the first spring offensive and irrespective of who else dies, Gerasimov's Army will see to it that this war ends very badly for those who bullied that woman and those priests. Although their crimes are indefensible, to the Wagner Group and their chums, whose mothers and grand mothers would like to pray to their icons at Kiev's Monastery of the Caves, that point is moot. Though these Banderites have sewn the wind, few of them will survive the whirlwind Gerasimov is sending their way and none of them can argue it is not their due. May God help these devils because nobody else this side of Hades will.