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Ballon au-dessus de l'Amérique du nord : la Chine appelle à ne pas «monter les choses en épingle»

Not Just The China Balloon, the Us Has A History of Hysteria

 Lee Camp

This past month has been consumed with the fact that there's something in the sky!

By now, you know a lot about the Chinese balloon and its fate.

The U.S. sent F-22 fighter jets with F-15s and others in support, to blow it out of the sky with a Sidewinder missile.

It's a good thing we didn't overreact.

I'm sure it couldn't take much to bring down a balloon. Maybe just a blow dart? Or you could tie an overweight golden retriever to the bottom of it - Wouldn't that do?

Did they have to send millions in weaponry after a balloon?

By the way most of our mainstream media covered it, you would think that it was a highly sophisticated piece of equipment able to insert Chinese brain parasites into us from the sky.

But if you read closely, they admit the balloon wasn't a threat. As  reported by Ben Norton, even "The Washington Post quoted an anonymous US 'senior defense official' who 'said the payload wouldn't offer much in the way of surveillance that China couldn't collect through spy satellites', stating, 'I wouldn't characterize it as revolutionary.'"

So it wasn't a revolutionary, dastardly device capable of impregnating American women with Chinese babies?

Norton continues, "Even the bellicose right-wing think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) - which is funded by the US government and weapons industry and is notorious for its anti-China bias - called for caution early on, conceding... 'China has not used balloons for spying before, and using a balloon would be a step back. The most likely explanation is that this is an  errant weather balloon that went astray...'"

An errant balloon?

That went astray?

No better than the hundreds of satellites China has up there?

No! It's revolutionary technology, and it was sent here by the Chinese to get us! That's what I need to believe because that's what MSNBC and Fox News told me.

But even the mainstream media - the propagandists for the U.S. state - quietly admitted the balloon "...had likely been pushed off course by unexpected weather conditions...according to numerous reports in major US media outlets, including the  Washington Post and  CNN,"  reports Norton.

Okay, so the U.S. government knows this balloon wasn't able to surveil much of anything and was almost definitely not intended to cross the U.S. So why did they shoot it down again?

According to Vice President Kamala Harris, "We shot it down because it needed to be shot down. That balloon was not helpful, which is why we shot it down."

Because it's not helpful? Neither are mosquitos. We don't shoot them all. There are arguments to be made, but we don't do it.

The government's next step was to reveal that they never actually had evidence the balloon was connected to a Chinese surveillance program.

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