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Rittenhouse's Trial Missed an Opportunity to Red-Pill the Public on Color Revolutions

Joaquin Flores

This trial will not be over until the DNC and its foot-soldiers are put on trial for their color revolution scheme which led to not only the deaths of an agitated populace, but changed the course of the 2020 election.

Was Kyle Rittenhouse carrying out a premeditated act or protecting his own life when he shot three and killed two rioters in Kenosha last year? What does the trial say about the state of the criminal justice system in the U.S.? Was the November 22nd mass killing event in Waukesha the consequence of the Rittenhouse verdict?

Rittenhouse's verdict of "Not-Guilty" on all counts was a moment of shock and disappointment for millions of Americans who were unaware of the facts of the case, but had instead followed mainstream media reportage which had falsely depicted the youth as a militia member and white supremacist.

Even blue-checkmarkistas on twitter were surprised to find out that the three people that 17 year old Rittenhouse had shot were not black, but instead white. Further disorientation ensued when they discovered the atrocious criminal records of the two who were killed in self-defense.

Both the UK Independent and Euronews wrongly reported that Rittenhouse had killed black protestors, for reasons unknown but quite easily inferred.

But how was the tactic of the color revolution applied to the Rittenhouse case such that the state feels obliged to transform self-defense into a so-called 'active shooter scenario'?

If this subject was introduced into trial, as prosecutors and the defense had already both recognized this was a political case, then I believe the public may have been better situated to understand similar tactics in the future.

That future came on November 22nd when Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. drove his red SUV into a Waukesha parade, killing at least five and injuring many others. Color tactics will be operationalized to capitalize on the horrific mass casualty event which occurred, apparently in revenge for the Rittenhouse verdict.

The  BBC and other corporate media outlets were quick to dismiss the possibility of terrorism in relation to the Brooks case, where intentional homicide charges have now been filed, following the racist media bias that all black mass violence is mental health related and all white mass violence is white supremacy.

This is oddly justified in reportage by confusing terrorism for acts which must involve a group of people, entirely misrepresenting this in light of the FBI's own categories of terrorism which include lone-acting perpetrators. Brooks was a BLM supporter and had previously made a social media post explaining how to run people over and get away with it.

But in the case of Rittenhouse, the  word 'terrorism' was used repeatedly.

Days earlier, the Rittenhouse defense team was successful in articulating that the prosecution had not made its case. But as this case was among the most watched trials since OJ Simpson's, it would have helped to inoculate the general public better from the likes of the Nov. 22nd mass killing event in Waukesha.

Had the Ziminskis been brought to testify, and their phone data, emails, brought into evidence, there would have been further evidence that I believe would have shown a plan of sorts to kill one of the armed citizens should the opportunity arise.

Besides a whole list of prosecutorial misconduct throughout this trial, why were the Ziminskis not brought to testify, and how would have their testimony exposed a broader plot related to the direct use of violent mobs by the Democrat Party in that fateful year?

November 17th Trial Date. From L to R, Attorneys Richards and Chirafisi, with defendant Rittenhouse

The fact that there is even a Kyle Rittenhouse case at all is a problem in itself. The internet world is abuzz with legal experts, live streaming their YouTube and twitch accounts, with a highly granular focus on the play-by-play. And while much of this blow-by-blow misses the broader point, and in fairness it's not really supposed to go there, the fact is that the prosecution effectively suppressed the possibility of hearing the testimony of the Ziminskis.

It was this couple, with Joshua Ziminski wielding a gun which he fired, that set off Joseph Rosenbaum to do the crazy things he was expected to do, ultimately ending his life as he lunged for the same rifle that Rittenhouse fired into him.

Images of Joshua Ziminski: left-most, holding gun at the Kenosha riots

The protests that Kyle Rittenhouse came out to protect and provide first-aid for, based on his own strong views on the 1st amendment, at the invitation of a couple of used car lot proprietors, were in fact part of a larger color revolution tactic. The terrorism of 2020 was matched only by the Covid lockdown police state which affected and still affects far too many.

But what the internet has gotten wrong about color revolutions in relation to the U.S. case, and I say this as someone who probably first introduced to the public that this was what was happening to the country, is that color revolutions are based on real existing grievances. As should be expected, this understanding of color revolutions and that the U.S. was experiencing one, caught on like wild fire in the digital sphere. But what was twisted to fit a partisan agenda, was that color revolutions were inherently left-wing in nature.

To the neo-Nazis of Ukraine, the notion that their Maidan Square color revolution was 'left-wing' would be news to them. To the ultra-patriarchal theocrats who ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood agent Morsi in Egypt in the Tahir Square color revolution, this would also be big news to them. Of course I could go on and on about ultra-nationalist, chauvinist, theocratic, far-right color revolutions that Soros and the NGO industrial complex along with the U.S. deep state have pulled off, or at least tried to, because it's my job to. What had been forgotten along the way is that Soros was a Jewish volunteer for the Nazis, who went out with his fellow Nazis and rounded up other Jews , and sickeningly remains unrepentant about this fact to this day. The recurring theme for Soros is that he is not ideological, unless that ideology is Sorosism.

Now surely one can argue that in many cases, the real existing grievances are somewhat manufactured, but hardly are they ever manufactured in a way that works against the general tendencies of human nature operating within systems that work to the benefit of some portion of the elites - say, for instance, the privatized prisons system in the U.S..

There is apparently a crisis in the criminal justice system in the U.S., one which easily fits the definition of a crisis but for one feature. Can endemic and chronic phenomenon be considered crises? Or does it just become normalized? What I have noted as particularly fascinating in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, is the polarization around the issue. Sadly, it wouldn't be the case if the real issues were driving social attitudes.

And roughly it boils down not only to worldview and political outlook, but to information sources. The cultural revolution of wokeness as seen through the lens of Covid 'do your part' ritualized jabbing, is ushering in a dystopia which, oddly, we forget about just for a moment when we talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

But what has gone relatively unnoticed, is that with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, we have precisely the levels of prosecutorial misconduct on open display, that have landed millions of black Americans into prisons. Yes, all Americans too, but there is some persuasive evidence that black Americans receive heavier sentences for the same precise crimes when all other factors (including priors and related charges) are included.

Kenosha riots, August 23 - September 1, 2020

The BLM protests (white riots) last year in Kenosha where Rittenhouse exercised, what he claims and appears reasonable to me to conclude as self-defense from all the evidence I've seen in dutifully observing a dozen days of the trial, were a reflection of the upside-down world we're in. They were, as I've said of course, white riots and not black protests, and more to the point they were direct assets of the Democrat Party's color revolution scheme that ripped the country apart in an attempt to overthrow Trump.

And what of this color revolution scheme and the Ziminskis? That's what should be on trial.

The Ziminskis were critical to this trial, and it was a huge loss that they were excluded, I believe illegally but absolutely immorally, by the prosecutors.

As an expert both in insurgency techniques using ideology and social movements, as well as a former chief negotiator for a prominent SEIU local, and knowing the precise techniques, organizations, and individuals, I know that this aspect involving the Ziminskis was left alone by prosecutors to avoid unearthing the larger plot.

SEIU was involved deeply in this Color Revolution, SEIU's color is purple incidentally, and the color revolution which the Transition Integrity Project hailed, has been called the Purple Revolution by adherents and critics alike.

The Ziminskis were excluded from testimony by the prosecutors, and the timing of their trial was concerted through collusion between the D.A and the courts, so that Joshua Ziminski could not be crossed. This is despite Ziminski's intimate knowledge of the events, and that his testimony would have established coordination between his actions and Rosenbaum's.

In other words, self-defense becomes clearer when one is attacked by two men, one armed, and the other lunging for a tackle or for the gun: it becomes a necessarily lethal encounter where self-defense is profoundly evident.

Ziminski, who goes by the alias Alex Blair,  himself had a long criminal record and therefore was potentially not an SEIU staffer himself, though under such conditions as the color revolution tactic, such involvement would not be unlikely.

What would have been revealed? What evidence would have come to light? Citizens must understand that the events in Kenosha were staged by a fascist technique executed by the corporate oligarchy. Not indirectly, not systemically, but directly by organizing the riots.

It does not matter that the ideology of the professional rioters is 'far left'. The color revolution operation is fascist in nature because the financiers are globalist corporations, and the techniques used are not mobilization of the masses against elites (as in Marxism/Anarchism), but the mobilization of a part of the population against another part of the regular population, financed by corporations.

The Ziminskis were armed field organizers or field coordinators, or had been operationalized by such, either on the SEIU payroll or through its own COPA piggy bank, and/or of the various front groups similar to if not the same as 'Our Revolution', 'Our Wisconsin Revolution'. There is the Wisconsin 'People's Revolution', and similar. All operate identically. Grosskreutz, whose arm was vaporized as he attempted to shoot Kyle Rittenhouse by obscuring his gun side and trying to run around him, also testified to having been an activist and sympathizer of the same organization that the Ziminskis worked for, or were operationalized by.

But the organization was not some stand-alone group, without ties to the establishment, and herein lies our point.

"Our Revolution" was a spin-off of the Bernie Sanders campaign, designed at first part to capture the 'rage' of the nomination being stolen from Sanders by Buttigieg/Biden.

These are organizations funded through the Soros NGO, "Democracy Alliance", and its professional field organizers and coordinators, hired often under the title 'community organizer', were typically leased through SEIU. This raised countless hundreds of millions to pay for travel, legal, and housing expenses for professional agitators. Following the Buttigieg move against Sanders, "Our Revolution" was launched, but initially they pretended to be unaffiliated with the Bernie Sanders campaign.

SEIU field organizers and political directors, including  Rafael Navar, worked to redirect the mass disappointment of SEIU activists and community organizers once they surrendered the DNC nomination to Biden without protest at the DNC convention.

From this, "Our Revolution" was born, its criminal aim was to introduce professional organizers into the ranks of BLM/Antifa protests during that fake, elite manufactured, year of 'red rage'.

These professional agitators also use mentally unstable and criminal elements, like Ziminski and Rosenbaum, referred to in Marxist theory as the 'lumpen-proletariat', to carry out the acts of violence, arson, and even murder.

That was the real relationship between the Ziminskis, who acted as handlers for Joseph Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum was brought in by the Ziminskis or was identified on the spot earlier that day or in those days as a lunatic, and egged on to be as crazy as possible. Identifying and making assessments of community members, similarly to worksite employees in union organizing drives, is a part of the work the Ziminskis involved in.

The Ziminskis were there in the parking lot. Joshua Ziminski fired his gun, triggering or signaling to Rosenbaum to attack Kyle Rittenhouse.

It goes deeper again. The governor, DA's office, mayor's office, were all in collusion with the Soros front groups, to never prosecute the criminal conspiracy as they were part of it.

The Ziminskis not testifying, for ostensible reasons of the related gun-charges case that will probably be later dropped, is the central factor that would have established a prosecutorial conspiracy. No judge would have even been able to allow a trial, and would have compelled the charges on Kyle to be dropped.

In fact, it's more than likely that Judge Bruce Schroeder is privy to politically "inadmissible" evidence, which came to him in the form of amicus curiae briefs and other data drops, which connects the dots we have discussed in the above. These may well be what Schroeder refers to in his admonishing of the prosecutors.

Nevertheless, this trial and more to come just like it, will not be over until the DNC and its SEIU foot-soldiers are put on trial for their color revolution scheme which destroyed neighborhoods and led to not only the deaths of an agitated populace, but changed the course of the 2020 election. Though Rittenhouse has been exonerated, the American people will still be subjected to destabilizing schemes carried out by the various facets of the deep state until these schemes themselves are put on trial.