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The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

By  Dr. Igor Shepherd

Over two years have gone by since the Covid-19 staged PSYOP was thrust onto the world's population, fooling the masses into believing that a phony virus (and all its hokey counterparts) existed and that a new type of vaccine was the only answer in saving humanity. At that time, in November, 2020, right before the Covid-19 vaccines were dispensed onto the public, I spoke out and forewarned that the mRNA technology within the vaccines made them bioweapons, and that millions would be harmed and die if they took the injections. Time has proven me right.

By September of 2021, my warnings were substantiated. VAERS data from CDC, which reports American vaccine injuries, provided a clear clue that the vaccines were weapons of mass destruction-742,349 vaccine takers suffered adverse reactions (including death) comprising of heart failure, blood clots, strokes, brain illnesses, inflamed spinal cords, seizures, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, miscarriage, infertility, deafness, blindness, muscle weakness and loss, and sleep disorders. By April, 2022, VAERS showed a combined total of 1,247,131 injuries and deaths. And because only 1% of injuries from Covid vaccines are reported, it is reasonable to expect that actual deaths and injuries can be up to five times higher. No other type of vaccine over the last 30 years has ever caused this much impairment in such a short time.

And though over 1000 scientific studies prove that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are extremely dangerous (including Pfizer's own data), and UK's government data reveals the Covid vaccines kill more people than they save, public health departments, hospitals, healthcare organizations and most doctors continue to endanger public health and dispense the lethal jabs. These co-conspirators of mass murder have become like ventriloquist dummies, only speaking when their masters pull open their mouths-allowing the crimes against humanity to mount.

As of today, 11.74 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide, with most countries showing between a 60% and 86% vaccination rate. And yet current data is suddenly showing that Covid cases are spiraling upward into never-neverland, in almost every state, with a whopping 53% increase, which is much higher than a year ago. WTF is going on? Why are Covid tests still spitting out excessive positive readings and why is this virus (which CDC still documents as being a mild virus with symptoms matching the flu) still around after two years?

Is SARS-CoV-2 an "illusionary" property, an alien pathogen from Star Wars? Come on, people, use common sense. Science is still science, viruses still work the same, and the art of herd immunity does not magically disappear. This uptick in Covid cases is an impossibility because if SARS-CoV-2 was actually a real live virus and a real outbreak had occurred (as we were told), herd immunity would have kicked in a year ago, with or without the useless vaccines, and curtailed this virus and its variants, and there would be no more pandemic. This alone proves that SARS-CoV-2 never existed and that the entire pandemic was all about restructuring world governments and exerting absolute control over people's lives in every aspect possible.

Same viruses do not keep infecting people over and over again. Only a virus with a different strain can bring back another illness. In the entire history of medicine there has never been a case where a virus defies the force of nature and overrides the body's natural ability to prevent invading pathogens. And this is the reason why the bogus Covid tests are distributed to the masses. The hoaxers need to keep the minds fearful, the Covid lie going, and not allow anyone a chance to question why herd immunity failed to work.

The natural cycle of herd immunity has always been and always will be the best "vaccine" and "pill" to stop spread of contagions and end pandemics. When enough people become exposed to a contagious disease their bodies automatically build a strong resistance to it, which eventually halts that bug from spreading or doing any more damage. This is why outbreaks eventually fizzle-out. Since the beginning of human life, herd immunity has been a natural life-saver. Without that integral part of the human machinery, civilizations would be unable to fight infection and stop spread, creating a self-elimination process of the human species, and eventually extinction.

Even if a virus is created in a bio-lab, the strain would need to be re-released onto the population under a new genetic modification in order to keep reinfecting the population. Our body's natural immune system always builds antibodies to stop reinfection of the same pathogen, unless the immune system is undermined through nefarious means, like the current weaponized vaccines.

This explains why the communists in power are using the mRNA vaccines against the Western populace, and why China and the communist-loving leaders of Russia have both refused to use mRNA vaccines on their own populations. The mRNA vaccines are bioweapons with many purposes, but the main purpose of these toxic injections is to completely destroy adaptive immunity in adults (lifetime immunity that occurs after exposure to pathogens) and destabilize innate immunity in children (natural immunity humans are born with). By doing this the populations of the world will be unable to fight off real viruses and bacteria and the action of herd immunity will be broken, opening the door for shedding diseases and creating super pandemics, which ultimately produces a systematical die-off within a population. The continued reports of vaccine injuries confirm that the mRNA injections are creating an immunological catastrophe throughout the Western world.

This is why those monsters of the deep state are ramping things up and focusing on injecting the children with these bio-vaccines. FDA just approved Pfizer's Covid vaccinations for small children 5 years and up and Moderna is now asking for approval to inoculate babies 6 months and older. Trust me, infants will soon be mRNA-inoculated. They do not need abortion clinics anymore. They have a better weapon. And this is why articles are popping up in the news justifying eugenics. One article today stated that researchers from Columbia University showed that parents who raised more than two kids would come down with weakened brains and lose cognitive sharpness in their later years. This nonsense would be almost laughable if it were not meant as a psychological means to condition the masses to accept the murder of millions of fetuses, infants, and children of all ages.

The fact that there is a staged baby formula shortage here in America, and baby-hater Bill Gates (who was previously caught hiding infertility drugs in his vaccines) and his thugs suddenly came up with a plan to manufacture and sell their own toxic "save the environment" baby formula ( here is Gary Barnett's exceptional article exposing this) shows just how much these dark people despise children.

Bill Gates, who is part of GAVI, the vaccine alliance that is promoting Covid-19 vaccinations, has touted online that GAVI is all about saving lives, but that is a monstrous lie because he is a known depopulation-promoter. At one of his speeches for the World Economic Forum, he spouted the silly notion that people generated pollution, which caused climate change, and therefore human population needed to be curbed. So, tell me, if this man believes humanity needs to be snuffed out like a campfire, why would he invest billions of dollars into healthcare businesses that are supposed to save lives, or invest in baby formula to feed hungry babies whom he believes will grow up to be polluters of the earth? He is a madman who believes a large part of the human race needs to be eliminated, and therefore his investments have nothing to do with saving lives, but everything to do with overseeing the kill switch.

Bill Gates and company have a lot of bioweaponry ideas up their sleeves for "final solutions" with which to depopulate the West. The US's DOD-DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (same partners funding the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines which are mass murdering millions) are now targeting US citizens as test rats for entomological warfare research and releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into certain states under the guise of limiting the spread of dengue and malaria. This trickery has nothing to do with protecting the public from illnesses because Gates and company lets us know all the time that they want to end our lives.

Entomological warfare is one of the first generations of bioweaponry that is still the cheapest and easiest way to infect populations. Though it was once considered an outdated mode of transmission, it has now been revived. The EPA has approved the release of more than two billion genetically altered male mosquitoes in Florida and California following the test release of 150,000 lab-transformed mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, back in 2021.

Anything involving gene-editing is bioweaponry and illegal according to the Convention law and should be banned from use. But the infiltrated globalists in our government and healthcare organizations are beyond corrupt, and only care about the completion of their cult-like one world order and ridding the world of the "unfit" humans in society who they believe are genetically inferior. (They embrace the theory of social Darwinism which teaches that the wealthy and those in power are born with superior genes and that the rest of humanity are useless to society). If vaccines can be used as bioweapons, you can be sure the bites of insects can be effective means with which to also transmit lab-created diseases or deliver manmade genetic materials into the nucleus of human cells.

The global "elite," like mad necromancers clasping pentagrams and chanting incantations over the human race, are setting up citizens for other catastrophic outcomes through mass bio-vaccinations. The secret "genetic" goodies that they can transport into the nucleus of human cells via inoculation can cause contamination of the original human genome, elimination of certain races and age groups, sterilization of both males and females, eradication of gender, disruptions of the sex drive, forced abortions and miscarriages, restructuring of thought processes, mutation creations, induced lab-created diseases, developed irreparable chronic damages to organs and tissues, and timetabled kill switches.

The adenoviral-platformed Covid-19 vaccines that China and Russia have used to vaccinate their citizenry (China's vaccine is called AD5-nCOV and Russia's is named Sputnik V) also carry bioweapon capabilities like the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Unlike mRNA vaccines, which transports genetic material (fragments of the mRNA supposedly carrying a part of the genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2) into cells using lipid nanoparticles to encapsulate the mRNA material they are transporting, adenoviral vaccines are vector-based and use an inactive or dead adenovirus (such as bronchitis or pneumonia) as their platform to transport genetically coded instructions of the supposed SARS-CoV-2 into the human cell.

The adenoviral vaccines could be a more potent bioweapon because they are able to smuggle in larger genomic material into the nucleus of the cell than through mRNA technology, such as genetically-prepared properties of live pathogens, which could create all sorts of mild or deadly outbreaks without the public's knowledge. Viruses and bacterium that could be transported through vector-based platforms could include, to name just a few, hemorrhagic fevers such as Marburg or Ebola, dengue fever, pneumonic plague, or Q fever. I highly doubt hemorrhagic fevers would be used as a choice of bioweapon, but a mild virus would allow the goons in power to keep the pandemic agenda going until everyone is vaccinated and the new world order is fully implemented. But so far, using a fake coronavirus has been enough to keep the pandemic narrative alive, justify weaponized vaccines, and prepare the masses for body bags.

Though the United States mainly dispenses the mRNA Covid vaccines through Pfizer and Moderna, Johnson & Johnson manufactures the adenoviral vaccine, and therefore it is no surprise that their vaccines are linked with numerous blood-clotting disorders. The UK uses the adenoviral platform made by Oxford-AstraZeneca, but Europe as a whole distributes more of Pfizer's mRNA vaccines, making sure the Western peoples are getting pinched with enough of the mRNA shots.

And since China has had weaponized bio-vaccines stored in their military stockpiles for the last ten years, and can temporarily disable an enemy, kill specific races through genetic conversions, and be used as time bombs for swift elimination, I find it quite worrisome and suspicious that all of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers worldwide stepped away from traditional vaccines and developed vaccines that have the potential to do the very same dirty deeds as China's militarized bio-based vaccines.

This is what bioweapons do, and explains why the military and government overseeing these pharmaceutical companies refuse to pull the Covid vaccines off the market for further study, even after millions of crippling injuries and deaths have been reported. And while citizens are impaired and dying from the bio-vaccinations, profits and praise could not be better for the vaccine makers. Pfizer made $37 billion alone in 2021 on their Covid vaccines. Combined, both Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA vaccine profits are expected to hit about $93 billion this year. People kill for a lot, lot less. And Albert Bourla, Pfizer's CEO, was even awarded a 2022 prize by the Genesis Foundation for "saving lives." I wonder when Bill Gates will get his award?

The entire staged pandemic was about ushering in a dictatorial new world order and eliminating those who might stand in their way, but most refused to see the coup, allowing infiltrated enemies to imprison the world, destroy freedom, and dispense dangerous bio-vaccines within record time onto the populations. Once America went under full lockdown mode, and normal pandemic response procedures were violated, this was the time when healthcare professionals and the public could have spoken up and stopped the invasion. The signs of a takeover were blatant, like a pretty woman suddenly performing a strip-dance on a busy street corner. There was no logical reason for a mild coronavirus outbreak to warrant lockdowns for a whole population of healthy people. Sick patients should be the only ones under isolation if they have contracted a more serious, highly-contagious pathogen, such as smallpox or one of the hemorrhagic fevers.

Even with 60,000 people dying a year from seasonal influenza or the 53% mortality rate of the past bird flu (H5N1) outbreaks (compared to the SARS-CoV-2 mortality rate of 0.1%), mandatory separation from society was never even considered as part of those preparedness responses. And yet, when it came to another mild coronavirus, the public health departments threw out medical know-how and embraced cruel response measures.

And along with the abuse by healthcare professionals who should have known better, most Americans passively allowed themselves to be caged in their homes like prisoners and become sitting ducks for foreign invasion. Any political group who locks down an entire population is committing an act of war against their citizens. Even the term "lockdowns" was a carefully crafted word by the globalists, replacing the normal medical phrase quarantine measures in order to define their victory in conquering the West. Such aggressive actions are always indication that a country or countries are under enemy attack, and yet, two years later, with total proof and evidence in plain sight that a pandemic never existed and that leaders of 193 countries have sold their souls to the devil and are crossing a bridge toward a one world government, the world's populace simply cares less.

The enemies who are taking out Western values and laws are patient with the timetable on which their weaponized mRNA vaccines will work. They have been planning this global takeover for over 50 years, centuries in fact, and are willing to squat a few more years on their snobbish bogs until the final "virus" seals the coffin on all of those who are not part of their elitist "my-genes-are-better-than-your-genes" sadistic mentality. These people are not good people. The government they have planned for the world will not be anything like previous communistic-led governments. Their goals are elimination of all peoples whom they view as "genetically unfit" for society, complete enslavement for those they do allow to live, and the induction of a new breed of genetically-engineered humanoids who are designed to completely replace the human race.

The post-Covid-19 life for those who are considered part of the "elite" group of the wealthy and powerful will live like kings, but the rest of humanity will not be so lucky. The new world for the surviving humans and created humanoids include living in surveilled smart cities, with no privacy, sharing apartments with strangers, owning absolutely nothing, buying and selling based on a merit system, being forbidden to procreate, restricted travel, planned eugenics for certain ages and races, GMO foods, rationed energy and water, no cars, and no rights to make decisions. There will be no malls or retail shopping. Everything will be done online, including healthcare. It will be a life of isolation. This is why the global order is informing us through books, interviews and conferences that humanity will not exist in the future, and only engineered transhuman obedient "machines" will be walking the earth. Human beings will not be able to mentally adapt to such a regressive lifestyle unless they are genetically-engineered to do so.

Because the world will be living under an occult-based existence, with everything in complete contrast to the natural and normal order of life humans have lived under since the beginning of time, there will be no moral or objective laws to protect citizens and families. The worship of God will be prohibited, and without that spiritual barricade that once held darkness at bay and allowed freedom to reign, all sorts of deviance will abound.

For over twenty years I have trained first responders, healthcare professionals, and military personnel on counterterrorism, biological warfare and pandemic preparedness. The cold hard fact is that bioweapons will always be bioweapons, developed solely to be used as weapons against civilians or soldiers during warfare-to murder and incapacitate as necessary to achieve a successful takeover of nation or nations. Bioweapons have nothing to do with public health safety, and never will. The Covid-19 vaccines are weapons, plain and simple.

The great reset of nations is set to be in place by the year 2030, and Western ideals and values travel in stark contrast to that global agenda. So, tell me, if you had the mindset of the dastardly, how would you quietly silence millions of free thinkers, pilfer their governments, and at the same time preserve whole city infrastructures without messy nukes and bloody drawn-out physical invasions?

The Covid vaccinations were the weapons with which to jumpstart this hell-on-earth agenda. Though the majority of vaccine deaths and injuries go unreported, time will eventually reveal to what extent those vaccines have been weaponized and what specific groups were highlighted targets-but hundreds of millions will be gone by then, and the survivors will be living under a diabolical Orwellian new world order.


































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