16/10/2020 strategic-culture.org 🇬🇧 #180479

Why You Won't Find Us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Strategic Culture Foundation

Dear readers of the Strategic Culture Foundation website,

In September 2020, the Strategic Culture Foundation was banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube following unsubstantiated claims that it was connected with Russian intelligence services and interfered in the US presidential elections on their orders. It means that you can't find us on these platforms and, moreover, if you try to post any links leading to SCF on your personal page, you will most likely not be allowed to do that. This case provides a glimpse into the dystopian future of suppressing dissident voices by governments previously known as democratic. The overall picture is not that dire, though. You can follow us on  Telegram and  VK and sign up for our newsletter. Please spread the message if you value the freedom of information as we do.

Strategic Culture Foundation