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 Victoire de Javier Milei à la présidentielle argentine : le pays s'engage dans une ère politique inédite

The Scam of Politics Continues

By  Gary D. Barnett

November 22, 2023

"Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides."

~ André Malraux

Lying will become much more prevalent (how is that possible?) over this next year, as we have entered the final lap of election madness in the U.S. The next presidential selection is now less than a year away, so the gloves are off, and how the lies will fly. The promises and idiocy have already begun of course, but all will get much worse every day from this day forward. As always, no matter how this election (and all others) turn out or not, the only assured real change will be no change at all. There is no savior you see, especially in politics, where the most evil among us reside. Division will only escalate, and therefore the common theme pursued by the maddening crowd will be hatred, just as is planned by the ruling few.

The circus has already begun, as the Argentinian election has just concluded, and ‘libertarians' are ecstatic at the outcome. This is to be expected, because regardless of the total failure of any and all politics, political systems, political parties, and elections, regardless of the massively growing tyranny, the complete lack of freedom, relentless wars, and spying and surveillance of every human movement, ‘faith' in political saviors (moronic "hopium") continues its grip on the those who spew the ‘trumpery,' (pun intended) that things will be better this time. Stupidity at this level is difficult to imagine, but alas, believers in government continue to cling to the idiocy that all we need is a ‘better' ruler.

‘Libertarian' outsider, Javier Milei, has just easily secured the presidency of Argentina, which is considered a ‘coup' for ‘freedom-loving libertarians' everywhere. He has promised what is considered by most, some very radical changes in Argentina, changes that include blowing up the central bank, and reconstruction of the Argentinian economic system. He also wants to get rid of the peso and replace it with the U.S. dollar, which is a rapidly failing fiat monetary unit itself, and certainly not real money. He calls himself an "anarcho-capitalist," and some of his ‘beliefs' lean in that direction. but he still wants to rule over ‘his' country with a heavy hand. If he fails in what he has promised, he will be able to blame it on the fact that he has no control over the legislature, which could be a convenient excuse. After saying he would burn down the central bank, he now will appoint a new central bank head, and central economic team. He is also it seems, close to Zelinskyy, a supporter of Ukraine and of Zionist Israel, so he is not opposed to war and genocide. In addition, he said he would "retreat from ties with countries including Russia, China, and Brazil, but does not that contradict his free market position? Actually, this sounds like protectionism and market control to me, not anarcho-capitalism.

I would wish for better things to happen in Argentina, as it cannot get much worse there economically, but thinking that this new ruler will change that country, and make it a bastion of freedom and prosperity because of an election, is just plain idiotic. I use the above example because putting any ‘faith' in any politician on earth, even one like Milei, in any political party, in any ruling system, or in any election, is completely asinine. But then, the show must go on, because the masses of dolts who make up what is referred to as societies and nation-states, need their dominating and manipulative circus in order to escape all sanity and reality by having a master to own and control them, so that they do not have to be responsible for themselves.

The next big election in this country is coming up soon, and all indications at this time, lead to a grand rematch between Biden and Trump — a brain-dead, retarded, war-mongering, socialistic, fascist, pedophile, and a narcissistic egomaniacal, homicidal warmonger, bioweapon injection pusher, genocide supporting, protectionist fascist. I could go on and on with these descriptions, but I think my point is made. Is this all there is; is this the best you can do? Pick out two old, evil, corrupt, criminal fools, who take orders from their masters, so that they can run your lives, tell you what you can and cannot do, where you may go or not go, how much of what is yours that they will allow you to keep, what wars in which you may die, what innocents you should kill, what you may do with or put into your own body, what you may say or write, whether you may protect yourself or not, and what master you have to not only accept, but vote to place in power over you? This sounds like a collective, enslaved, horde of ignoramuses, being controlled by a ruling master class of demons. As George Carlin so eloquently put it: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

Isn't it grand that you are not alone in your voting stupidity? What a comfort it must be to be able to share your misery among all the others who also think they get to pick their own Almighty king and master to give them everything they need and want.. There is voting in small towns, in cities, in counties, in states, in countries, and in huge mega-nation-states. The Canadians elected Trudeau, the French elected Macron, the Germans elected Merkel, the U.K. elected Sunak, Australia elected Albanese, Russia elected Putin, Zionist Israel elected Netanyahu, and the list goes on. In this fascist oligarchy called America, both candidates vying for the presidency, have each already been elected, and look where it led? And now you will choose one of the same two criminals who have ruined your lives for years, and you will deserve every single consequence you have wrought.

What all these and most all other so-called rulers have in common, is that they are all lying, thieving, criminals, and murdering scoundrels. Elections of course, do not matter, because the lowly "useless eaters," as they are seen by the ruling class, continue to allow their masters to rule, and therefore they willingly become servants to those they voluntarily put into power over them. This has never worked out for any good, but do not worry, I am sure it will be better this time!

Get ready, as you will be inundated by political and election propaganda throughout the next year, saturating the media, and then you can all run to your local precincts, hide behind the curtain in your voting booths, and maybe, just maybe, your demon will win out over their demon, and you can party like its 1984.

This next presidential election will be the 60th one since 1789. Things have worsened every single time, freedom has been eliminated more after every election, debt and monetary inflation has reached heights unimagined on earth, censorship and surveillance have consumed all of this country's population, 94% of our existence has been steeped in wars of aggression, poverty is becoming rampant, and every form of terror has been inflicted on the people of this country, and most others, but you are all expected to pick your next political ruling monster without prejudice toward this insane and evil manipulation called elections, and you will gladly oblige your political lords and ‘saviors.'

Will it ever stop? Will the people at large ever understand that government is not the answer to freedom, it is the antithesis of it? Or will this be your fate for eternity, as humanity becomes just another extinct species, and the only one to fully cause its own demise? I guess being the only species with the ability to ‘reason' is not all it was cracked up to be?

"When one with honeyed words but evil mind
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state."

~ Euripides,  Orestes

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