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Ukraine : Une guerre américaine de plus ?

Le Samedi Politique avec Pierre De Gaulle

La guerre en Ukraine a mis en évidence la dérive européenne. L'OTAN et les États-Unis, dont les financements, les armes, les renseignements et la logistique fournis à Kiev prouvent l'affrontement contre la Russie, sont parvenus à instaurer aux portes de l'Europe une guerre fratricide et meurtrière. Face à cet élan suicidaire, l'Union européenne suit pour son plus grand malheur.


par James Howard Kunstler

«Si un politicien fait une «faveur» à un parrain du crime et que ce dernier paie la femme du politicien, il s'agit toujours de corruption. Si le patron du crime paie le fils camé du politicien en échange de la faveur, c'est toujours de la corruption». (Jeff Childers, blog Coffee & Covid)

Tout comme un investissement douteux peut devenir catastrophiquement ruineux dans le monde de la finance, «Joe Biden» est passé d'un actif à un passif pour le Parti du Chaos, alors que nous entrons dans la saison où les choses deviennent réelles.

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Rapsit-Usa2023 : Jfk en 'Troisième Homme' ?

Brèves de crise  

C'est une surprise que de plus en plus d'observateurs attendaient. Une fuite sans doute dirigée nous apprend que le candidat démocrate Robert F. Kennedy Junior ne sera sans doute pas dans la campagne présidentielle un candidat de ce parti. Le barrage scandaleux du DNC (direction du parti) par tous les moyens, y compris les plus illégaux bien entendu, semble s'être montré très efficace comme JFK l'a souvent reconnu lui-même, et il est probable qu'une candidature JFK sera (serait) bloquée ; elle le serait comme démocrate, mais pas comme indépendant, ce qui réjouirait considérablement Trump et, en général, tous les adversaires du système de l'américanisme.

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Are Zelensky's Days Numbered?

By Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin Live

September 30, 2023

I have been a vocal opponent of America's stupid proxy war against Russia in Ukraine from Day Number One. The Russia/Ukraine conflict is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Had Joe Biden not committed the Pentagon and U.S. military/industrial complex to help Ukraine fight its hopeless war, this conflict would have been over in a couple of months and hundreds of thousands of lives (mostly Ukrainian) would have been spared.

30/09/2023  7 min 🇬🇧 #234611

Armageddon or Separation?

By Boyd D. Cathey
My Corner

September 30, 2023

Increasingly it has become evident that the American nation, founded with such high hopes and aspirations in 1787, is expiring, dying a prolonged, painful but also virulently infectious death.

Those words are very difficult to write, especially for someone whose American ancestry goes back to Virginia in 1646, and whose ancestors helped settle other Southern states, who served honorably in both state and local elected offices, and who fought in every major war in which my state North Carolina and this country have been involved, including for the Confederacy in 1861-1865.

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Stop Trying to « Contain » China in Southeast Asia

By Jeremy Powell

September 30, 2023

It was a laughable moment when President Joe Biden said at a press conference during his visit to Hanoi that the United States wasn't seeking to contain China. Despite efforts by the Biden administration to send its top officials to quell any suspicion that Washington, DC, was trying to contain China, Beijing has realized that the efforts were merely a cover-up.

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The Kennedy Assassination Scare and Its Haunting Resonance

By Aaron Good
The Kennedy Beacon

September 30, 2023

The September 15 assassination scare of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., at a campaign event in Los Angeles, bears eerie resemblance to the assassination of Kennedy's father, Robert F. Kennedy, in 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel, less than two miles away.

Some of the facts are out, but many are not, with corporate media either indifferent, slanted, or both.

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Ukraine's Vain Search for Wonder Weapons

Recognizing that Ukraine might not win its war with Russia is the first step to formulating a better approach for America.


Even when President Joe Biden was visiting the fire-ravaged Hawaiian island of Maui, his attention was mostly on Ukraine, for which he was asking another $24 billion in assistance. His proposal hints of desperation. With Kiev's highly anticipated counteroffensive running down with minimal success, Ukrainian officials are more loudly demanding more arms with which to revive their fortunes.

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Will the Us. Fight Russia in Ukraine to the Last Nato Soldier?

Robert Bridge

Any full-blown war between NATO and Russia would end in a nuclear wasteland, and distant America would not be spared as it was in the last world war.

While Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has enjoyed great success in cajoling Western countries to contribute a vast amount of military hardware to support Kiev's fight against Russia, there is one precious commodity he must provide for himself: manpower.

Menacé par Trump : Un général américain déclare qu'il «prendra les mesures» qui s'imposent

par Servet Gunerigok

«J'ai pris les mesures de sécurité nécessaires», a déclaré Mark Milley.

Le chef d'état-major des armées des États-Unis, Mark Milley, a déclaré qu'il avait pris les «mesures nécessaires» pour assurer sa sécurité et celle de sa famille, à la suite des récentes déclarations de l'ancien président Donald Trump sur les médias sociaux.

«J'ai pris les mesures de sécurité nécessaires.

29/09/2023  8 min 🇬🇧 #234561

My Gromyko Theory

By Karen Kwiatkowski

September 29, 2023

Senator Ted Cruz says that Michelle Obama may step in to the role of unifier for the sad, sad Democratic Party. She has certainly picked up the pace of pocket-lining, in the traditional Clinton Obama way.

If Cruz can make a prediction, I hope I can be forgiven for this one.

I think Hillary Clinton awaits her second chance – and like CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius, she doesn't want Kamala to be the first woman king.

29/09/2023  6 min 🇬🇧 #234560

State-Allowed Crime, Violence, Property Destruction, and Theft as an Economic Weapon

By Gary D. Barnett

September 29, 2023

"One thing, however, is sure, – that in all cases the effort should be to impose all the cost of repairing the wrong upon the doer of the wrong. This alone is real justice, and of course such justice is necessarily free."

~ Benjamin Tucker

Gang violence, theft, property destruction, and assault, all sanctioned by the ‘representatives' of the State ruling apparatus and its enforcement arms, have become rampant in many areas of the country.

29/09/2023  10 min 🇬🇧 #234556

The New Abnormal: Authoritarian Control Freaks Want To Micromanage Our Lives

By John & Nisha Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

September 29, 2023

"Man is born free but everywhere is in chains."—Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Authoritarian control freaks out to micromanage our lives have become the new normal or, to be more accurate, the new abnormal when it comes to how the government relates to the citizenry.

This overbearing despotism, which pre-dates the COVID-19 hysteria, is the very definition of a Nanny State, where government representatives (those elected and appointed to work for us) adopt the authoritarian notion that the government knows best and therefore must control, regulate and dictate almost everything about the citizenry's public, private and professional lives.

28/09/2023  10 min 🇬🇧 #234541

I Was the Only Us Official Imprisoned Over the Torture Program — Because I Opposed It

John Kiriakou  

Washington DC - (Scheerpost) - When I joined the CIA in January 1990, I did it to serve my country and to see the world. I believed at the time that we were the "good guys." I believed that the United States was a force for good around the world. I wanted to put my degrees-in Middle Eastern Studies/Islamic Theology and Legislative Affairs/Policy Analysis-to good use.

28/09/2023  4 min 🇬🇧 #234539

America Needs Regime Change... Robert Kennedy Jr. Dices With Death by Running for the Presidency

28/09/2023  23 min 🇬🇧 #234519

The War in the Ukraine in Libertarian Perspective

By Hans-Hermann Hoppe

September 28, 2023

My speech last year here in Bodrum on Germany's role in the ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine, or better and more accurately: between Russia on the one hand and the US, as the boss of NATO, its various European vassals and in particular Germany, and the Ukraine and the Ukrainians as their proxy: as their dispensable tools, useful idiots and sacrificeable lambs on the other hand, has not gone over too well with many supposedly libertarian folks from the former so-called East-bloc countries.

28/09/2023  4 min 🇬🇧 #234517

Murder in Beautiful British Columbia

By Eric S. Margolis

September 28, 2023

Who murdered Canadian Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar? This crime, which occurred last June near Vancouver, British Columbia, has riveted Canada and put Ottawa on a collision course with India, now the world's most populous nation.

Canada's amiable prime minister, Justin Trudeau, accused India's intelligence service of being behind the murder. Governments rarely speak so candidly and particularly so Canada which tries to be friends with the rest of the world and has long feared being squashed by the mammoth, ten times larger United States.

28/09/2023  7 min #234514

La nouvelle aide américaine à Taïwan met fin à l'ambiguïté stratégique de Washington

Le rôle des États-Unis dans la défense de Taipei étant chaque jour plus clair, le dilemme sécuritaire entre les États-Unis et la Chine se profile à l'horizon.

Source : Responsible Statecraft, Mark Episkopos
Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

Le département d'État a approuvé un programme d'aide militaire de 80 millions de dollars en faveur de Taïwan. Bien qu'il ne change pas grand-chose à la donne militaire, ce modeste transfert est sans précédent par sa source de financement : le programme de financement militaire étranger (FMF), qui est principalement un compte de subvention pour l'assistance militaire aux pays étrangers.

Les moulins des dieux


"Nous n'avons pas assez aimé la liberté." - Alexandre I. Soljenitsyne

Par James Howard Kunstler - Le 11 Septembre 2023 - Source Clusterfuck Nation

Pensez-vous que plus de la moitié du public américain puisse être un peu irrité par le lutin législatif de "Joe Biden", le procureur général Merrick Garland, alors qu'il fait passer des dizaines d'années de prison à un innocent manifestant du J-6 après l'autre pour s'être promené dans le bâtiment du Capitole des États-Unis - tandis que les avocats spéciaux assignés à quelques crimes de la famille Biden jouent à cache-cache avec les procédures légales ?

27/09/2023  9 min 🇬🇧 #234458

Why Mitch Mcconnell Is One Sick F**k

By David Stockman

David Stockman's Contra Corner

September 27, 2023

Rarely has the imperial arrogance of the Washington political class been so succinctly expressed. We are talking about Mitch McConnell's recent triple bank-shot rationale for inflicting still more misery and death on the god-forsaken peoples of Ukraine.

American support for Ukraine is not charity. It's in our own direct interests – not least because degrading Russia helps to deter China.