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30/11/2022  2 min #219907

David Brock, le spécialiste d'agit-prop des Clinton, au secours des Biden

David Brock, l'homme des Clinton, qui avait dû se retirer suite à un problème cardiaque, est de retour. Durant les deux ans à venir, il disposera -à la tête de Facts First USA- de 10 millions de dollars pour discréditer les parlementaires qui tenteront de faire la lumière sur l'affaire Hunter Biden.

Thierry Meyssan avait révélé, en février 2017, les moyens et la campagne de David Brock contre Donald Trump [1].

30/11/2022  3 min 🇬🇧 #219902

Guess What Fauci Said in His Deposition

By  Tom Woods

November 30, 2022

From the  Tom Woods Letter:

Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry recently had a chance to question Anthony Fauci in a suit involving censorship of dissident scientists.

And what do you know: Fauci just can't seem to remember anything.

"We spent seven hours with Dr. Fauci-this is a man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S.

30/11/2022  16 min 🇬🇧 #219899

We Will Be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola

November 30, 2022

Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed

The video above features the late Rosa Koire, former executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21,1 and author of "Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21." She spent the decade before her untimely death researching and educating people about public policies intended to strip us of our individual rights.

Les quatre arnaques

par James Howard Kunstler

« Nous voulons sauver la planète, et la vie qu'elle abrite, mais nous ne sommes pas prêts à en payer le prix et à en supporter les conséquences. Alors nous inventons un récit qui nous fait du bien et nous courons avec. » (Raul Ilargi Meier)

Je doute qu'il y ait une autre époque dans l'histoire de la civilisation occidentale où les forces en mouvement agissant sur la société aient été si mystifiantes pour ceux qui les subissent.

30/11/2022  6 min 🇬🇧 #219889

 Midterms aux Etats-Unis : un scrutin crucial pour la fin du mandat de Biden (En Continu)

Great unsaid in Us election: Love for 'forever war' is what cost Democrats

by Ramin Mazaheri and  cross-posted with PressTV

It is an American rite of passage to realise that the Democratic Party never achieves what they claim to want to achieve.

Some Americans achieve this realisation at 13, whereas the truly insufferable - because they lie about the past and are forced to deflect from those lies with aggressive self-righteousness - can persist in this self-harming delusion even past 63.

30/11/2022  6 min 🇬🇧 #219877

What on Earth Is the Usa Doing to Its Eu Alies?

Natasha Wright

And most importantly, is the EU brave enough to dare oppose the USA?

Kim Dotcom, a Finnish-German metaphorical Robin Hood of the online piracy based in New Zealand has published on Twitter a perfectly accurate diagnosis of the current sad state of the geopolitical affairs: First, the US government has got the EU involved in a proxy war with Russia.

29/11/2022  4 min 🇬🇧 #219842

A Peculiar Form of American Madness

Heroification of the military is a strange mindset for any self-avowed democracy


America is touched by a peculiar form of collective madness that sees military action as creative rather than destructive, desirable rather than deplorable, and constitutive to democracy rather than corrosive to it.

This madness, this hubris, this elevation or heroification of the the military and war has to end, or it will most certainly end America, if not the world.

29/11/2022  39 min 🇬🇧 #219839

American Pravda: Lost Histories of the Great War

By  Ron Unz

 The Unz Review

November 29, 2022

Veterans Day came earlier this month, a public holiday that under the name of Armistice Day had originally celebrated the end of the First World War, itself then known as the Great War to those living during that era, over a century ago.

Friends of the Palo Alto Library runs a local monthly book sale, now reopened after nearly two years of Covid closures, and I usually attend, often buying for a pittance items that have caught my eye.

29/11/2022  5 min #219834

Stratégie nucléaire américaine : Bientôt 1000 milliards de dollars pour relancer les programmes d'armement ?

Le président Joe Biden a laissé passer sa meilleure chance de concrétiser son objectif déclaré de réduire le rôle des plus de 5 400 armes nucléaires américaines dans la politique de sécurité des États-Unis avec la publication, le 27 octobre, de la Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

Source :  The bulletin, Joe Cirincione

 Midterms aux Etats-Unis : un scrutin crucial pour la fin du mandat de Biden (En Continu)

La suite et l'après


« Normalement, on devrait considérer comme un révélateur le fait qu'un parti politique perde l'esprit chaque fois que quelqu'un suggère que nous devrions avoir des procédures de sécurité électorale de base communes à tous les autres pays civilisés. » - MartyrMade sur Twitter

Par James Howard Kunstler - Le 14 novembre 2022 - Source

28/11/2022  6 min 🇬🇧 #219785

Us. Tech War Shows Signs of Crumbling

Dutch reluctance to stop DUV chip-making equipment exports to China shows Washington's shrinking punitive reach


What if they had a tech war and nobody came? This updated version of a meme from the 1960s Vietnam War protests may well apply to America's most drastic trade restrictions against a rival since the Cold War.

The world's top player in semiconductor technology, Holland's ASML, has opposed high-profile US demands to stop selling its machines to China, and there's no indication the Dutch government is ready to yield to Washington.

28/11/2022  5 min 🇬🇧 #219783

A Light in the Darkness

By  James Howard Kunstler

November 28, 2022

"Sooner or later, there will be push-back against the Dems attempt to turn the USA into some kind of obese transgender liberal Wakanda run by crooks, freaks and thugs." -The Vineyard of The Saker

The really stunning thing about Elon Musk's campaign to clean up the back-stage rats' nest at Twitter is that he's the lone authority figure in the land who dared to act against the degenerate political Left's impudent and remorseless cancellation of everything that held together America's consensual reality.

28/11/2022  6 min 🇬🇧 #219780

Covid Roundup

By  Paul Craig Roberts

November 28, 2022

Dear Readers, I have presented you with enough information over the last couple of years for you to have learned that the Covid virus was not the threat it was presented to be and that the "vaccine" was neither effective nor safe. The Covid virus did not come from a bat cave but from NIH funding first at the University of North Carolina and then Wuhan, China.

Maltraitance des enfants : Port du masque obligatoire toute la journée pour les enfants de 2 ans dans les crèches new-yorkaises

par Le Libre Penseur

Voici une vidéo qui démontre à quel point certains êtres humains sont complètement dégénérés, d'une stupidité abyssale, que personne n'aurait osé imaginer. L'être humain est certainement le seul animal sur terre qui maltraite ainsi ses enfants pour une maladie qui n'existe pas les concernant ! Ces gens sont des grands malades mentaux, ils sont dangereux et il serait temps de mettre fin à leur folie.

26/11/2022  2 min #219692

«Ye 24» : Kanye West souhaiterait se présenter en 2024 avec Donald Trump comme «vice-président»

© Ashley Landis Source: AP

Kanye West assiste à un match de NBA à Los Angeles le 11 mars 2022 (image d'illustration).

26 nov. 2022, 12:32

Le rappeur américain Kanye West - qui se fait désormais appelé Ye - récemment au cœur de plusieurs polémiques, a suggéré qu'il serait candidat à l'élection présidentielle de 2024 et affirmé avoir proposé à Donald Trump d'être son colistier.

26/11/2022  4 min 🇬🇧 #219684

The Irony of All Ironies

By  Paul Craig Roberts

November 26, 2022

The state of Florida recently enacted legislation against teaching "critical race theory" in Florida public schools and universities. Critical race theory amounts to indoctrinating white kids into the belief that they are racist, because being a racist is what it means to be white.

25/11/2022  6 min 🇬🇧 #219633

Can a Deeply Unserious America Fix Its Economy?

By  Jeff Deist

November 25, 2022

Does America simply lack the political will to face economic reality?

In the teeth of the Depression, Treasury secretary Andrew Mellon famously told President Herbert Hoover to "liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate farmers, liquidate real estate"-in other words, to resist bailing out any industry through state intervention.

25/11/2022  4 min 🇬🇧 #219631

Wallowing in Welfare-Warfare State Prison

By  Jacob G. Hornberger

 The Future of Freedom Foundation

November 25, 2022

A reader recently sent me an email pointing out that many ex-convicts commit new crimes with the intent of being sent back to prison. They actually feel more comfortable in prison than they do in the outside world.

This phenomenon shouldn't surprise us.

25/11/2022  2 min 🇬🇧 #219629

Democrat Senator Schumer Calls for White Replacement With Immigrant-Invaders

By  Paul Craig Roberts

November 25, 2022

When it became obvious that the purpose of the Democrats' policy of open American borders was to replace the Republican-voting white population with third world immigrant-invaders who vote Democrat in exchange for handouts, the professional liars known as "fact checkers," the presstitutes, and the Democrats all screamed "racist conspiracy theory."