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Brics: A Window to the Light? Or the Latest Make-Believe Deception?

By Peter Koenig
 Global Research

September 20, 2023

During the 15th BRICS Summit, 22-24 August 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa, chaired by South Africa's President, Cyril Ramaphosa, six new countries were admitted to the bloc. The BRICS are now called the BRICS-11 and include the five original nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. The new members invited to join the bloc as of 1 January 2024 are Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The summit took place with big fanfare and expectations. Some 40 countries were invited, all wanted to become members of the BRICS, but just six new ones made it. Another group will probably be included in the bloc during next year's BRICS summit, hosted by Russia.

For them, mostly the Global South, BRICS is the golden heaven to escape to, from the predatory fangs of the west, mostly from the US-dollar economy that can punish and sanction right and left, all those who do not behave according to the "mandates" of the west, also called the "rules-based order".

Because international laws have been abolished by western rulers, and replaced de facto, by their rules-based orders. As a result, no judge will go against the elite, and the western rulers… no matter how many war crimes, criminal offenses against human rights, child abuse, child- and women trafficking, they commit – "they", include the highest ranks of government, of international institutions, are safe.

Even before the by-now obvious was playing out – have you ever seen the International Criminal Court (ICC) legally pursuing a western elite-criminal? One of those multi-multi- billionaires who make their own rules? For example, for pedophilia? Was the United States ever accused of war crimes, of human rights abuses? Despite the tens of millions killed alone since the War on Terror started with 9/11? Never.

The ICC can easily be scrapped as a representative of international law, and even as an international organization. Every judge knows that his life or the lives of his loved ones would be in danger, if he or she were to legally try one of the high-flying western criminals. The real criminals.

Most of the BRICS contenders want to get out from under the iron fist of the dollarized west. They seek rescue in the East. BRICS for them is the proximity to the East – as the bloc was created and is led by China and Russia, two countries which rightly earned the reputation of coexisting with the west, but in economic and monetary independence. To some extent.

One of the BRICS propaganda slogans is "De-Dollarization" — come hell or high water, get out from under the dollar-based sanctions grid.

Have they been fooled? Are they aware of reality?

The idea, or rather the illusion is that this powerful bloc, the new BRICS-11, will take down the US dollar and the private central banking cartel, controlled by the Rothschild clan, in the form of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

The BIS is also called the Central Bank of all Central Banks. It controls in monetary volume well over 90% of the world's central banks. The Bank of China – the C of the BRICS – has recently become a member of the BIS. The Wall Street Journal comments, "China's membership in the BIS Club, is a real Revolution". See  this.

The BIS members are central banks of 63 jurisdictions: 34 in Europe, 16 in Asia, 5 in South America, 3 in North America, 3 in Africa, and 2 in Oceania. The United States is represented by two members, the United States Federal Reserve System and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. See this.

Even the Russian Central Bank is a member of the BIS but its engagement with the BIS has been suspended since early March 2022 – since the onslaught of western sanctions due to Ukraine.

All BRICS Central Banks are members of the BIS.

In other words, the two founders of the BRICS are closely linked to the totally dollarized BIS.

This dollar-based western monetary system – the Euro is the small and younger brother of the dollar – is backed by nothing, other than thin air, and its revered institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, are drowning the world, especially the Global South, in unsustainable debt under false pretenses; debt which most these countries will be unable to pay back.

Instead, they will become increasingly enslaved to the west, politically as well as in terms of resources exploitation. They receive money (debt) they really do not need, so they belong to the glamorous organizations that exploit them, but also give them the doubtful reputation and international credit rating of "belonging" – being worthy of the IMF and the WB – and some regional development banks that pursue the same goal.

Because if they do not belong to these predatory organizations, they have a hard time surviving in the western monetary and banking system. It is all an agreed and well-orchestrated game plan.

Of course, it takes corruption on both sides. Corrupted politicians in so-called developing countries having been put in place by fake elections, making sure the wheels keep spinning.

Take the current President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, in his two previous terms as President (2003 to 2011), his Central Bank President was Henrique Meirelles, a Wall Street Banker. Meirelles was president of FleetBoston Financials' Global Banking. Lula was literally praised by Wall Street as a "good boy". The IMF gave him the attribute of a good scholar. And that was before he became a scholar of Klaus Schwab's (CEO of WEF) Academy for Young Global Leaders (YGL). Lula is also a favored at the WEF's Davos meetings.

Today, the Central Bank of Brazil is a full and key member of the BIS.

One of the 6 new countries is Argentina. The front-runner to win Argentina's October 22, 2023 presidential elections is the arch-neoliberal Javier Milei, a leader of the Libertarian party. Campaigning for the primaries he promised, if he becomes President, he would scrap the Argentinian Central Bank and adopt the US-dollar as the country's currency. And that after having witnessed one of the worst economic collapses in Latin America's history, in 2001 / 2022, when the dollarized Argentinian Peso imploded.

Argentina was then salvaged largely by the Kirchners' Presidencies and by loans from Venezuela, just to bring that grand, rich, and recovered country again to her knees by the US / IMF imposed Mauricio Macri Government (2015 to 2019).

How would Javier Milei's idea of dollarizing Argentina fare for the New BRICS dream of de-dollarizing, in case Milei becomes President?

A high-level City of London insider and whistleblower apparently warned not to be distracted by this ‘deceptive initiative' [called BRICS] of making believe, it will find ways of breaking free from the usury-based and criminal central banking cartel. When, in fact, the BRICS bloc was set up some 14 years ago (BRICS creation in 2009) to simply foment the necessary arguments, chaos and division needed to pursue and fast-track a single global digital currency, what in today's parlance is called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

In his book, " A History of Central Banking – and the Enslavement of Mankind", the late Stephen Mitford Goodson, himself a Non-Executive Director of the South African Reserve Bank from 2003 until 2012, and who witnessed at first hand the private central banking system from the inside, wrote:

For any nation/state/society/community to have full sovereignty and independence in its affairs, absolute control over the means it employs to exchange goods and services must reside with the organs which represent the people, and must not be delegated to private individuals.

Throughout recorded history periods of state control of the money supply have been synonymous with eras of prosperity, peace, cultural enrichment, full employment and zero inflation. However, when private bankers usurp control of the money creation process, the inevitable results are recurring cycles of prosperity and poverty, unemployment, embedded inflation and an enormous and ever-increasing transfer of wealth and political power to this tiny clique who control this exploitative monetary system. Whenever these private and central bankers have been opposed in the past by nations seeking restoration of an honest money system, these parasitic bankers have invariably invoked a "patriotic" war in order to defeat the much maligned "enemy". This has been a feature of almost all wars during the past 300 plus years.

This says it all in a nutshell.

For the full report by Justin Walker "BRICS – Please Do Not Allow Yourselves to Be Deceived", see  this.

The lengthy " BRICS Johannesburg Declaration" with its 94 points, divulge the truth: It is just business as usual; a push by the globalists towards establishing a global totalitarian technocracy.

The original five BRICS all commit themselves to the UN's highly deceptive ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals' (SDG) and the bogus ‘science' of manmade CO2-based global warming, alias climate change. Nothing in the BRICS Declaration gives the new burgeoning Truth, Peace and Freedom Movement any hope that some sort of change for the common good will come out of their pronouncements.

Author David Skripac neatly summarized the vitally important key points of the BRICS Declaration as follows:

1. They promise that the BRICS would pursue the WEF's and the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

2. They urgently stressed the "need to address Climate Change."

3. They reemphasized the importance of implementing the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),

4. They reaffirmed the vital importance of the World Trade Center (WTO),

5. They emphasized the "vital importance of the World Health Organization (WHO)",

6. They remained committed to strengthening the "vital importance of Pandemic Preparedness,"

7. They stressed "the vital importance of digital transformation", and

8. They emphasized the "vital importance of carbon credits" and the green economy.

So, what is there to be expected from the original BRICS, from the New BRICS-11 – and from the coming BRICS-plus?

Again, We the People, let us wake up and take life in our own minds and hands. Let us not be fooled, confused, and divided by the deceptive strategies of the self-nominated rulers.

They will not let go. We must get out from their ever-enslaving methods to digitize, transhumanize and control us.

We can do it.

We MUST do it.

The original source of this article is  Global Research.