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Crise diplomatique: Trudeau enjoint l'Inde à «prendre au sérieux» l'affaire du leader sikh assassiné

Trudeau's Five Eyes Allegation: Terrorist Died by Assassination

By Helena Glass
 Helena-The Nationalist Voice

September 26, 2023

Trudeau has levied allegations against India – claiming evidence Modi's government was involved in the assassination of Hardeep Nijjar, a domestic terrorist in India. Is Canada now a sanctuary state? Does it not recognize reciprocity with one of its biggest trade partners – India? Why doesn't Trudeau simply provide the evidence that supports his allegations? Likely because evidence doesn't exist and India's hard line regarding Russia is the sole motivation.

It is NOT Canada's job to intervene.

Nijjar was born in Punjab, India and joined the Khalistan Tiger Force, a militant group designated as a terrorist organization as of 2023. In 1995, Nijjar was arrested in India amidst the ‘Green Revolution' initiated by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. It was triggered by the Golden Rice initiative via the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1980's wherein production of rice was increased by 100%. But the rice was identified as the reason thousands of Indians died due to lack of nutrients, in particular Vitamin A. Many farmers commit suicide.

Nijjar fled India in 1997 using a fraudulent passport and applied for refugee status in Canada under a fake name. His application for citizenship in Canada was denied multiple times until 2007. At this point he was a wanted man in India and should have been extradited.

The Khalistan Tiger Force was involved in many bombing sprees across India. Nijjar was determined to be leading this organization by India's government and in 2014 and again in 2016, India issued an Interpol arrest warrant. Canada ignored the warrants. The Trudeau government instead references this terrorist as a religious man who just wanted ‘peace'.

Nijjar was assassinated in June 2023 by two unidentified gunmen who have yet to be arrested.

Three months later, the Trudeau government in true Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau fashion, decided to arbitrarily implicate Modi's government because one of the ‘Five Eyes' said so.

Spies who die. At some unspecified time, Nijjar became an affiliate agent within the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The larger dangling question would be – why was a terrorist wanted by India indoctrinated into Canada's Intelligensia? Was this arrangement made in 1997 or 2007 as a term of citizenship?

Every Revolution that is denoted with a ‘color' originates through the auspices of the US Agency, National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Their objective is to stoke discord and protests and violence. Their Orange Revolution was the catalyst for the Ukraine coup in 2014.

Given Nijjar was thus a project of NED, it is highly likely they represent the "Five Eye" snitch and told Trudeau to call out India. It would also indicate that Nijjar was working as an asset for NED. A valuable one. His protocol? To destabilize India and stoke a revolution.

The end result is the cancellation of trade with India valued at $9 billion.

With China becoming the boogey man, the West looked to India to fill a largess portion of the grand canyon ‘gap' in trade. I remember when Trudeau dressed his entire family in the classic Indian dress one would wear to a wedding. Trudeau thinks he is a Buddhist. It was a huge faux pas!

With India's allegiance to the BRICS, it becomes obvious why NED would use this as a means of decoupling. Attack the BRICS. This Alternate Order is now subject to the classic demonization, de-monitization, sanctions, and grift by western agencies attempting to fry every country, every continent on mother earth.

Those countries boarding the BRICS platform will likely be held accountable – NEXT! Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and UAE. The affiliates most feared by the West are Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Every weapon they own came from the West.

At stake within the BRICS rise is the continued Fall of western currencies; US Dollar, the Euro, The Canadian dollar, and the Pound, which pushes cryptocurrencies and CBDC's higher as the western alternative. And THAT would be the planned result. Yellen is purposefully crashing the dollar. However, the BRICS are also crashing the dollar, with the end game being a BRICS currency. Two competing Giants vying for control. The West will be the biggest loser.

In a typical scenario, as the dollar falls, shareholders of US companies operating abroad gain value. But that is textbook. Reality shows that US companies are shuttering operations abroad due to various reasons, including sanctions. A falling dollar has exactly one purpose – the implementation of the savior currency.

Fattened businesses touting their sustainable policies and DEI politics are getting hit. CEO's are retiring. Tsunami. UAW demands will destroy the car manufacturing industry. The cost of a car will skyrocket and people will be led to the only ‘sustainable alternative' – mass transit. NO CARS FOR YOU!

In 2022, 26 CEO's retired each month. By 2023, those numbers grew exponentially. April 147 CEO's retired – May 224 CEO's retired. January thru May 789 CEO's retired. Forbes calls it The Great Resignation. Why? Because, the profitability of companies is no longer a variable of the CEO. It is a variable of chaos. That is – with the exception of the Demon – Fossil Fuels – which are grossly outperforming expectations amid the Climate Change fury.

Trudeau's intellect is nonexistent, on par with Biden's. They operate by remote control. They speak when told to and say what the earpiece tells them to say. Robotic. Yesterday Trudeau's government applauded a Nazi war hero in Canada. They cheered. They clapped. And when the media spilled the story, Trudeau's excuse was that he did not ‘make the arrangements'. Because, Trudeau is an empty shell. No longer human.

Reprinted with permission from  Helena-The Nationalist Voice.