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 A Few Thoughts on the Russell Brand Furore

Nato's 77th Brigade's Set Their Legal Attack Dogs on Russell Brand

Declan Hayes

Not content with conspiring with the British Parliament in throttling Russell Brand's voice,  NATO has set the entire British legal establishment against him.

Not content with conspiring with the British Parliament in throttling Russell Brand's voice,  NATO has set the entire British legal establishment against him.

Victoria Prentis KC, Britain's attorney general,  has warned the  nation's editors that  any pertinent coverage about either Russell Brand or any criminal case that may be taken against him "may amount to contempt", even though no arrests have yet taken place or cautions to Brand issued and no warrants have yet been issued against him. Legally, even in NATO's corrupt British heartland, Brand should be free as a bird to go about his business, as should we be to make reasonable comments about him.

That is not now the case. Having been traduced  at the behest of the 77th Brigade by the British media, Prentis has now decreed that any salient comments on Brand's as yet non-existing case is in contempt of court, despite the fact that Brand has not yet got his day in court and no jury of his peers has yet been appointed to adjudicate on the case which, to repeat, as of yet does not exist.

Although the  British Contempt of Court Act 1981 makes it illegal for newspapers to publish anything that could prejudice a criminal trial once a suspect has been arrested or a warrant issued, because this is Perfidious Albion we are talking about, laws exist to shut everyone up with or without either a bullet or a judge's gavel.

As those rarely used laws are now being deployed against Brand, one must wonder why Brand is being singled out for this treatment and why, for example, political prisoner Julian Assange, currently being interned in Belmarsh high security prison, has been spared this further cudgel.

 Writing in, of all places, the lifestyle section of Ireland's regional Cork Examiner newspaper,  reformed alcoholic Suzanne Harrington puts NATO's case as well as any other randomly hired NATO scribe could. Suzanne begins by telling us that she feels "a crushing sense of weariness. Exhaustion, disgust. Fury, obviously, but smothered in a heavy blanket of disillusionment" and asks if we feel the same way about how Brand has betrayed us all.

Suzanne was one of those who went to hear Brand "speak in 12 step meetings." But now, there is Brand's "slide to the right. The alt-right. The yoga-Nazi alliance, heightened during lockdown when the entire world went a bit mad. What on earth? Conspiracy theories, rants, dubious company. It felt like he'd started smoking crack again - loony right wing crack, in the company of loony right wing crackheads. Globalist masterplans, great resets, Bill Gates, ivermectin - why? For the clicks? For the millions of followers? Because that's how you make money away from the mainstream media. You dog-whistle the loonies."

Although non-loony Suzanne opines there may be an off chance Brand is innocent (of what precisely?), she goes on to say "you only have to look at those who have come out in Brand's support to see where he has positioned himself politically. He's way over there, at the extreme toxic end, supported by the shrill voices of Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson, and - oh the shame - Donald Trump Jr. Lower down the rung, voices of hate speechers like Alex Jones, Katie Hopkins, and Tommy Robinson. Sad gits like Laurence Fox. And Piers Morgan, obviously. Imagine having that lot standing up for you."

One of the reasons such "voices of hate speechers" may be amplified in arrays of obscure corners is because the lifestyle columns of the Cork Examiner and the Irish Independent, Irish Times and the Guardian where this  "journalist, TEFL teacher, dole claimer, backpacker, youth worker, painter, wardrobe assistant, washer-upper, pen pusher, house cleaner, comic bagger, market stall holder and cake maker" also opines bring no light to this or any other matter.

And that is not primarily the fault of "mainstream media"  grifters like Suzanne but of newspaper proprietors like Rupert Murdoch, who have been destroying the quality of the broadsheets ever since  the Sunday Times Insight Team was first eviscerated almost 50 years ago.

But what would I know as I am only a potato eating Irish peasant, who aced Australian legal exams experienced Australian lawyers failed. Not much but I do know this. There are times, as in the  notorious Stephen Lawrence murder case or the gangland killing of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin when the media sailed as close to the libel law winds as is possible. And let's not forget ageing mega pop star Cliff Richard, who was witch hunted by the 77th Brigade's BBC in a manner that would have appalled even the lynch mobs of America's Wild West.

And nor should we forget the  Bloody Sunday Widgery Tribunal, the Ballymurphy massacre, King Rat, Robin the Jackal Johnson, the Glenanne Gang, the  Pat Finucane murder,  Stakeknife, the sabotaged Stalker Enquiry, the ongoing 1981 Stardust Inquest and countless more where the entire British and Irish judiciary should be in the dock if not on the gallows.

And then there is this nonsense of a jury of one's peers, which the great  Zsa Zsa Gabor once famously ridiculed. Although NATO's Parliamentarians are generally exempted from jury service, most of them would be debarred anyway. As  over 40% of serving British MPs have criminal convictions and as not one of them has been demonetised as Brand has, one must conclude that the 77th Brigade has one law for those who slavishly collaborate with it and another for the Russell Brands of this world.

And how could we get a jury of our peers from the  Nazi worshipping Parliament of Canada, whose dictator, Justin Blackface Trudeau, lies that the standing ovation the Canadian Parliament gave a decorated Waffen SS war criminal is a result of the old reliable 𝕏 Russian disinformation canard. Just what kind of high heel wearing moron is Trudeau?

And what about the moronic Ya'ara Saks, Canada's clearly unhinged "Jewish" Minister for Mental Health, who tried to 𝕏 distance herself from her collusion in welcoming the Waffen SSto the Canadian Parliament on the eve of the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday before finishing her grovelling non-apology with the Nazi Azov Slava Ukraini salutation. This, incidentally, is  the same "Jewish" moron who contended that Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers honking their horns were doing so in secret tribute to Hitler, whose Waffen SS volunteers she gladly venerated.

There is, in intellectual terms, no difference between those 𝕏 Nazi worshipping Canadian Parliamentarians and the 𝕏 hundreds of Germans who gather at Berlin train stations and howl up to the moon for their right to live their lives as "Canine Beings", as dogs and bitches in plain English.

Plain English, however, cuts no ice in the British courts where one must hire a word wizard, who is totally familiar with its rabbit warren array of quirks, which exist to perpetuate the King's arbitrary, ad hoc writs. Here is one such barrister Prison for your Opinions? Maybe... as it applies to the Brand (non-) case and cautioning those, like Britain's newspaper editors who believe they have a dog in this fight or in any other such circumstance as the King's 77th Brigade may decree is verboten.

The situation with regard to Brand is that the 77th Brigade, working primarily through Caroline Dinenage, has prejudiced Brand's defence (against what precisely?) and has SHOCKING! Rumble Execs MAY BE ARRESTED over Russell Brand - and the PLATFORM REMOVED?! that, thanks to the  Online Safety Bill and the  (BBC-Approved) Trusted News Initiative, they are next for NATO's abattoir.

Although NATO's British media would claim that they used  American journalist Heather Brooke to break their Parliamentary expenses scandal scoop, critics have opined that that was just a ploy to remove some troublesome Parliamentary pebbles from the jackboots of the 77th Brigade and their  MI6 body in a bag colleagues. As Brooke disparages political prisoner (and truth-teller?) Julian Assange "a supposed campaigner for truth, manipulated information to build up a cult of personality around himself - and also to see how many people fell for it", she would, a priori, seem a low level CIA cretin best avoided, lest she morally corrupts us.

But who is to judge her or 𝕏 Pfizer's track record in Africa? Not us, if the 77th Brigade and their MI6 and CIA colleagues have their way. If you or anyone you know has an opinion on Russell Brand and if your opinion diverges from that the 77th Brigade enforces, you and any site like Rumble that might give you a platform best watch out as Trudeau and his high heeled Nazi worshipping collaborators are clumsily goose stepping their way to morally corrupt and physically destroy you, wherever you may be.