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Who Do You Think You Are?

By Jenna McCarthy
 Jenna's Side

May 29, 2024

In only the biggest news to break since  pig yoga made its debut in Massachusetts, just this past glorious holiday weekend, the infamous World Health Organization's "Pandemic Preparedness Treaty"-the one that would have eliminated national sovereignty and guaranteed travel restrictions, unprecedented surveillance, and most likely my very own spot in the grimmest FEMA camp imaginable-bit the proverbial dust.

As they are wont to do, the WHO had attempted to package the pandemic treaty in trendy inclusiveness-themed paper and tie it up with a pretty, politically correct, socially sensitive, kumbaya-colored bow. The treaty's impetus, the story goes, is that we can't expect the most affluent, industrialized nations to behave fairly and to  not stockpile all of those safe-and-effective vaccines for themselves. It's about equity, you see. Spreading the love. Being diligent, thoughtful global citizens. Caring selflessly for others and saving the planet and ensuring racial parity and probably something about preserving LGBTQ+ rights and possibly protecting baby seals.

For those unfamiliar with its origins, the WHO was created by the UN during World War II with the goal of establishing complete planetary control... a one world government... a "global body to coordinate international health efforts." The decision-making arm of the WHO is the World Health Assembly (WHA), which is comprised of representatives from  all 194 member states, including the US. The first WHA convened in 1948 in (where else?) Switzerland, which is famously neutral and therefore unlikely to host routine meetings of megalomaniacs hell bent on governing the entire globe's populace or anything. Thanks for the impartiality, Switzerland!

The WHO's  autocratic, unscrupulous, unelected leaders believe that they and they alone are competent and capable enough of orchestrating a coordinated world-wide response to the  next pandemic, the one they are right this minute arranging they've all but guaranteed us. The nefarious Treaty That Tanked ( A Midwestern Doctor penned a brilliant detailing of the miserable thing which I highly recommend reading) would have granted these goons the power to not only "prevent, detect, and respond to pandemics," but to determine what constitutes a pandemic in the first place.

*Cue the  climate change catastrophe headlines*

It's worth noting that even non-communicable diseases-think cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory and cardiovascular disorders-can be declared pandemics. It's also curious that  the WHO has forecast a 77% increase in new cancer cases by 2050 I wonder why. Wouldn't it be terrifically convenient if they had the authority to lock us all up for a disease they caused? The ramifications of such sweeping powers make The Shining look like a G-rated Pixar flick.

The WHO is not giving up, of course. According to the organization's Chief Tyrant Tedros Ghebreyesus, the treaty's colossal flop shocking unpopularity is merely an annoying speed bump on the superhighway to hell.

"This is not a failure,"  Ghebreyesus insisted. "We will try everything - believing that anything is possible - and make this happen because the world still needs a pandemic treaty."

 Dr. Rima Laibow believes the problem isn't merely the WHO, which is an agency of the UN, but the entire United Nations. (Her website,  preventgenocide2030.org, is a wealth of info.) To her point, the UN is busily prepping for this September's  Summit of the Future (tagline: multilateral solutions for a better tomorrow *someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya*), a "high-level event, bringing world leaders together to forge a new international consensus on how we deliver a better present and safeguard the future." (Sound familiar?) The UN's  Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development looms just five and a half freedom-filled years away-and if you haven't gone down that dystopian rabbit hole, I'll just say if you're a nudist, vegan hermit, you have nothing at all to worry about.

Laibow is no  fringy conspiracy theorist not that there's anything wrong with those. Many others agree-including  Dan Astin-Gregory, who has organized the  Road To Geneva convoy (May 30 - June 1), a pandemic-star-studded event (featured speakers include Aseem Malhotra, Ryan Cole, Brett Weinstein, Jessica Rose, Andrew Bridgen, Steve Kirsch, Mikki Willis, and more) to protest the WHO and its unelected bureaucrats. Take that, Switzerland.

If I hadn't just gotten back from Commiefornia, and I didn't have a day job, and I wasn't supporting two nearly adult children in two of the most expensive states in the US and could afford to jet off to The Peace Capital on a well-intended whim, I'd be there with a megaphone and loud, annoying, bedazzled bells on.

Every day, people ask me, so what can we do?  Dr. Laibow's website has  a robust menu of messages (organized by country) that readers can send directly to their lawmakers to encourage them to exit the UN, halt vaccine passports, stop  the International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments, and demand transparency in anything relating to the WHO. Simply enter your contact info and the site takes you to auto-populated letters ready to send to your specific representatives. It takes a few quick minutes, and although it's not quite as satisfying as I imagine flipping an angry dozen middle fingers in Tedros Ghebreyesus's face would be, it's a start. Do it. And then share the link with everyone you know. Seriously. It'll likely take millions of messages to make an impact—do not let that stop you—but it's something. And something is always better than nothing.