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The Body Count of the State

By Donald Jeffries
 "I Protest"

July 10, 2024

In early June, one of the most extraordinary interviews I've ever seen took place. Tucker Carlson sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie, by far the best of the typical sorry congressional lot. During the interview, Massie touched on the subject of Israeli influence in Congress. Boy, did he touch on it.

Massie alleged that every Republican congressional representative has their own AIPAC (American Israel Political Affairs Committee) "babysitter." Except him. Think Rabbi Shmuley and RFK, Jr. Massie described how, after several high pressured conversations with AIPAC, during which they tried to get him to do some assigned "homework," he ultimately banned them from his office. I think it's safe to say that AIPAC has never been banned from any congressional office before. Massie said he didn't know about the Democrats, but it would be shocking if all of them didn't have a "babysitter" as well. This is basically what Cynthia McKinney described, before they ran her out of Congress. It all seems a bit like kissing the Pope's ring.

The entire conversation was riveting. Massie is a true Renaissance Man. He's an MIT educated engineer, but also recounted how he built his present home from scratch. He hammered every nail, screwed every screw, hooked up the plumbing and the wiring, even dug his own well. He powers the whole home with an old Tesla battery. He is about as off the grid as it gets. Massie spoke lovingly of his four children and his wife Rhonda, his high school sweetheart whom he'd been married to for 35 years. He has a great sense of humor, and performed flawless impressions of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, who tried to get him ousted from Congress. It was the single most courageous interview I've ever seen with an elected member of Congress.

Which makes what happened a few weeks later all the more poignant. And troubling. On June 27, 2024, Rhonda Massie suddenly died. There was no cause of death announced, and there still hasn't been. We know she wasn't suffering from a chronic illness, as Massie spoke glowingly of her with Carlson, and in announcing her death, he noted, "We spent last week touring Mt Rainier with our grandson - she was the best mammaw ever! We love you Rhonda." She was only fifty one and looked to be in pretty good shape. Normally, such a #died suddenly case can be attributed to the deadly warp speed vaccine. But not in this situation. Massie was vocally critical of the vaccine, and it's a certainty that his wife wouldn't have taken the jab. So exactly what could have happened to her?

I have been trying to find updates about this curious case. It may well be that an official cause of death here is never publicly announced. That happens far more often than it should, particularly since so many celebrated figures began dying suddenly during the COVID psyop. I can't blame Massie for not providing more details. He must be totally devastated. Perhaps he feels guilty about talking so boldly about AIPAC on such a huge platform, and associates her subsequent death with his comments. You certainly ought to be able to speak critically about a political pressure group, in a free country. It shouldn't cross your mind that such critical comments could possibly result in murderous repercussions. Anyone reading this obviously knows that America 2.0 is not a free country.  The Problem with Socia... Best Price: $9.49 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details)

The only information I could find comes from an obscure source- County Local News. I have no idea if it has any credibility. From the article: "The investigation into Rhonda Massie's cause of death revealed that she suffered a fatal breakout caused by a severe allergic reaction. It is believed that she unknowingly ingested a food item that contained an allergen to which she was highly sensitive. The reaction was swift and severe, leading to her tragic death. The news of Rhonda Massie's cause of breakout death has served as a sobering reminder of the importance of being aware of food allergies and taking precautions to prevent such tragedies. Allergies can be life-threatening, and it is crucial for individuals to be vigilant about what they consume and to always carry necessary medication in case of an emergency."

I guess that's as likely as anything else. But naturally, many of us would suspect that someone nefariously introduced the "allergen" into whatever she ate. It would be quite a coincidence if she just randomly died in such a bizarre, unlikely way. Right after her controversial husband called out AIPAC and Israel like no elected official ever has, on one of the largest platforms in the world. It's possible for people to die without being killed by shadowy conspirators. But unnatural deaths don't seem to happen often to those who don't represent a threat to anyone powerful. The Rockefellers, the Royal Family, usually live to be centenarians. And Henry Kissinger became the first obese human in history to make it to 100. There's a reason why they came up with that "the good they die young" thing.

Martin Luther King saying there are more important things than a long life, the night before his assassination. Huey Long reporting from the floor of the Senate that there was a plot brewing to assassinate him, and then being assassinated a month later. High ranking FBI official William Sullivan telling reporter Robert Novak that if anything happens to him, it was murder. Then dying in a hunting "accident." Both Lincoln and JFK are said to have issued fatalistic statements about the possibility of being assassinated. Lincoln supposedly dreamed about it. Are these claims contrived irony? More poor players on the stage, following a script?

Massie had been locking horns with the corrupt state for a long time. In 2014, he was the only member of Congress to vote against a bill naming Israel as a strategic partner of the United States. in 2020, he argued against the COVID mandates and compulsory vaccinations. In 2022, he was the sole member of the House voting against a nonbinding resolution condemning anti-Semitism. On Twitter, he maintained that the measure promoted censorship. Massie had called the police "keystone cops" for their lack of investigation into the real circumstances of January 6, 2021. Massie called for all elected officials to publicly disclose their citizenship status, a clear threat to the many dual citizens in Congress and elsewhere. He had been very critical of Speaker Mike Johnson, castigating him for supporting warrantless searches of private communications, and his capitulation on continual aid to Ukraine.

In 2023, when Tucker Carlson still had the top rated show on Fox News, Massie announced there that he would be serving on a committee patterned after the one chaired by Senator Frank Church in the mid-1970s, to investigate deep state corruption. You can bet he knows Oswald didn't do it, and that Building 7 wasn't hit by any plane. There doesn't seem to be any updates about this potentially explosive committee. What happened to it? He introduced a bill to stop online censorship by the Biden administration. When Massie was critical of the harsh Israeli response to the October attack from Hamas, Chuck Schumer blasted him for his "anti-Semitic" and "dangerous" comments. Massie tweeted back, "If only you cared half as much about our border as you do my tweets."

Just a few months ago, in May, Massie was one of the most vocal opponents of the absurd Antisemitism Awareness Act, which passed the House easily with bipartisan support. Massie pointed out that "anti-Semitism" under the law would be defined by a holocaust remembrance web site. Massie cited examples of "anti-Semitism" under that law that include questioning anything about the holocaust, comparing Israeli policy to the Nazis, claiming Jews have disproportionate power, among other things. He tweeted, "Do you agree with all of these examples of antisemitism? Should people in America be prosecuted for saying these things in all contexts? I think not. This is a poorly conceived unconstitutional bill and I will vote no." If Zionist interests have undue influence in this country, Massie would certainly be a threat to them.

There is a history of public figures speaking out about official corruption, and then winding up dead by unnatural causes. Remember the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey? On March 13, 2008, Palfrey told Alex Jones live on air that she would never kill herself, and if she was found dead to consider it murder. On May 1, she was found hanging in a storage shed outside her mother's home. Reporter Gary Webb, after exposing the CIA's program to fill the inner cities with crack cocaine, described getting death threats and being followed, before he wound up with two bullets in his head. His family, incredibly, believes that he shot himself. Twice. That doesn't seem like it would be an easy thing to do. Seth Rich's family will sue you if you question who killed their son.

My books are full of these unnatural deaths. They are as much a part of the official corruption as the crimes and chicanery they're associated with. These Body Counts go back at least to the days of FDR. One of his congressional critics, for instance, died while walking across the very busy Rock Creek Parkway. And one other minor detail- he was legally blind. A legally blind congressman decides to cross a bustling street like that. Nothing to see here, move along, folks. It's rumored that LBJ ordered a hit on his own sister. Most people know about the impressive, and seemingly never ending Clinton Body Count. The Kennedy Body Count is unique in that it consists primarily of dead Kennedys, not dead enemies.

Many of these deaths are beyond unnatural. How many people do you know whose bodies were found in the woods? I don't mean homeless drug addicts, I mean wealthy backers of someone like Bill Clinton. One reporter actually investigating the JFK assassination was killed by a karate chop to the throat as he exited his shower. You read that correctly. Probably the only death of its kind in recorded history. One of Hillary's more recent enemies died when a barbell crushed his throat in a gym. Even more recently, there was Mark Middleton, the guy who signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House so many times. Found hanged. With a bullet hole to the chest. "The authorities" concluded suicide. They didn't explain which came first- the bullet or the rope. Tell me again why anyone would trust "the authorities."

It is all too common for frightened people to claim "they" are going to get them. And then someone does get them. The guy who made a critical movie about Dubya joking on camera about being killed. And then he is killed, under typically strange circumstances. Jerry Parks, one of then Governor Bill Clinton's security detail, upon hearing about Vince Foster's "suicide," told his family and friends, "I'm next." Then someone, still unidentified, opens fire on his car and makes his prediction come true. The two young Black men from Obama's church. Michael Hastings, crashes his car into a tree right after saying he's "going off grid" to work on an important story. Andrew Breitbart, drops dead after saying he's going to reveal the "truth" about Barack Obama at Harvard. The list is endless. And ongoing.

We know that the budgets for all our intelligence agencies have always been classified. The public somehow doesn't have a right to know how much taxpayer money is being spent on them. So they surely don't have a right to know what that money is being spent on. More than sixty years ago, taxpayers were financing a whorehouse in San Francisco, where the CIA would feed LSD to the unsuspecting Johns. They paid for laughable, Get Smart-like attempts on Fidel Castro's life. Poisoning his toothbrush and the like. It's a national security thing, you wouldn't understand. They even considered staging a fake Second Coming of Christ off the shores of Cuba. And then, of course, there was Operation Northwoods, with its real and fake plane crashes, murders and mayhem, to be falsely blamed on Cuba. You know, the kind of "hoax" Alex Jones was prosecuted for.

So with those top secret intelligence budgets, is it really that outlandish to suggest that there exists an elite Hit Squad, in a dark corner of the Military Industrial Complex, whose job it is to silence whistleblowers and inconvenient witnesses? Sometimes a family member is targeted instead of the troublemaker. For example, one of the most important (and overlooked) JFK assassination researchers was housewife Shirley Martin. After her daughter died in a car crash, a heartbroken Martin withdrew from the case. So going after the beloved wife of the country's most dangerous congressional representative wouldn't be surprising. I'm not saying that anyone murdered Rhonda Massie. I have no idea, and no one is providing the details to those who are interested. But her death is exceedingly strange, especially coming on the heels of that remarkable interview.

Thomas Massie is a good man. In my view, he is the best member of Congress since Ron Paul. I don't want to add to the heartache he must be feeling. I actually asked him to write the Foreword to American Memory Hole. He politely declined, but at least he responded. I respect his privacy, and his primary concern now is obviously the welfare of his children and grandchildren. It will be interesting to see if, when he returns to the public arena, Massie remains as steadfastly courageous as he has been since entering Congress. If he changes his stance on Israel, or even invites AIPAC back into his office, then we'll know. Maybe he'll be one of the very few incumbents who doesn't win reelection. Watching that interview, I know he's strong. He's the hale and hearty type that traveled by stagecoach and built the frontier. My thoughts and prayers go out to him.

If there is a Hit Squad, we can't fear them. Despite hints to the contrary, they're human beings, like all of us. They aren't special or superior. Unless they really are reptilians, or the highest ranking Satanists have some kind of evil superpowers. I fear God's judgment, not immoral enforcers for a corrupt elite. I hope Thomas Massie talks about it. He must have suspicions, if he doesn't literally know what happened to his wife. I hope he isn't already being advised by an AIPAC "babysitter." But it won't surprise me if his views suddenly become more mainstream. I don't want to see photos of him at the Wailing Wall. Or learn that he's finally been invited to Bohemian Grove. Or joined Angelina Jolie and the other dignitaries in the CFR. Whatever he does, I'll understand. His life has already been a real profile in courage.